What You Need to Know About Exercising in A Toupee

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You may wonder “how does the toupee affect your daily life?” Well here are a few things to consider about the affects of the toupee on normal daily stuff.

man's wit toupee

For me one consideration was how will it be to exercise with the toupee. Will it fall off my head when I start sweating. Haha.

Well I haven’t found any problem  with the toupee and exercise. But I have found one is that of my two toupees which are made from skin base and silk base, the silk base one breathes better and is nicer during exercise. The skin base, although it looks a little better at the hairline doesn’t breathe and leaves my scalp sweaty and I think isn’t well suited for sweating and exercise. Once I left my skin base toupee on for three days including two time of exercise and when I removed it there seemed to be a thick layer of my scalp skin that was being sluffed off. So now I will wear the skin base toupee and remove it every day especially when I work out. I like the hairline of the skin base toupee better but the I like the breathability of the lace toupee better and think its ok to keep it on for several days even with workouts and after showering and washing it.

men's toupee hairpiece

Especially summer is around the corner and we highly recommend you choose a lace hair system because it is breathable and your scalp can still breathe in hot weather and during exercise. Among all lace hair toupees, Helios swiss lace is the most transparent and breathable one. Below is how LaVivid Helios swiss lace looks in person. 

helios swiss lace system

I’d like to know if you have any different experience. Let us know!

For LaVivid lace hair systems, there are combined bases of lace and PU. With this construction, it is more secure on the head while it is totally breathable. Please check below two styles. 

combined bases

Above two styles are also very easy to work with. You only need to apply tape or glue onto the poly perimeter and leave the lace in the middle free of anything. This helps your scalp breathe more freely. At the same time, the front hairline is natural and invisible. The combination of Lace and PU can ensure that the wig will not fall when you are strenuously exercising. If you care about your appearance a lot, then they are the best choice for you.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at support@lavividhair.com. 

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