The Best Waterproof Toupee Glue, Let You Swim with Your Hair Replacement System

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Commonly, the response of most people on this question is no. With the semi-permanent hair wig or hairpiece, it may not be advised that you dive into a pool or enjoy the crashing waves at the beach. But as the time has passed and a lot of development in the world of hair replacement is made,  There seem to be various exceptions and situations in which you can shield your hair from the possible harm that your removable wig or hairpiece may experience when you swim. One of the factors people fear while swimming with hair toupee on is if the glue cannot hold the bold and lose your hair system underwater. To think about it, it is a too awkward experience, and no one would want that to happen, which is why waterproof toupee glue is the skyrocketing product in the world of hair replacements.

Isn't Summer everyone's favorite? Everything is bright and sunny. You are even enjoying your new hair toupee. You look better, and you feel better. Yet, several factors might make you not want to remove your hair toupee. Some reasons might even be strong enough for you to not dip into the water, whether you're at a gorgeous ocean beach or you're at your local swimming pool.  Perhaps it's not easy for you to remove and reapply it afterward. Or maybe you're suffering from alopecia or baldness, and with a head of lusciously healthy hair, you want to always feel like a ten.

The point is, it's not the water which is damaging your hair toupee, but what is present in the water! The great thing is that there are still ways you can preserve your hair toupee from the harmful effects of seawater and chlorine.

So would it make a difference if you use a synthetic toupee or human hair toupee for swimming?

It does not matter if your hair is natural or synthetic; chemicals such as chlorine can be harmful to your hair in particular. Chlorine is great for destroying bacteria that can put you at risk, but it can also harm your hair if introduced too much time.

Suppose swimming is something you love and want to decide between a synthetic removable toupee and human hair toupee. In that case, we suggest buying a hair toupee that would be worn exclusively when you want to go swimming and reserve it for swimming only. This way, you can have one wig exposed to the damage, whereas you will be able to enjoy looking your best underwater, and when you are back in your everyday work life, you can rock your best toupee.

Human hair toupees are pricey, and because of their ability to sustain moisture, they appear to look more realistic. That being said, since chlorine can be harmful to natural hair, you certainly wouldn't want any harm done to a significant investment like a perfectly natural hair toupee.

Similarly, if you're going to be swimming in the sea, the salt will be drying out your hairpiece. The already-needed moisture will be pulled from your natural hair toupee! Even when using treatments that add water into your hair would not bring back the human hair to its original state. Adding to that, human hair toupee will be also be affected by the light! So Lavivid Hair will suggest you go for synthetic hair toupees for when you want to go swimming, as the fibers of these wigs are strong enough to withhold heat and stress better than human hair would.

Tips to protect your Hair Toupee Underwater:

It is understandable if you can only deal with one hair toupee at a time. If it's not possible to get another hair toupee for yourself, then try out these tips to keep your hairpiece looking fresh and undamaged for longer! 

1- Swimming cap is a win: Who does not like to feel like an Olympian while diving underwater and swimming freely? With a swimming cap, you can protect your hair while feeling like a professional swimmer at the same time. Plus, Swim caps are cheap, and for just about everyone who wants to secure their hair toupees, they're a significant investment.

2- Try out products made for Swimmers: There are several brands in the hair care industry that target the hair care specifically for swimmers to reduce the damage. There are several serums and oils which you can apply to your hair before going underwater to lessen the damage and bring back the moisture into your hair.

3- Waterproof Toupee Glue: Now, this is the most crucial thing to get under control. The chance of your hair toupee slipping away underwater because the glue you used was not made for excessive contact with the water. So it would be best if you got yourself an adhesive specifically designed for this purpose to ensure that this never happens, and you are all free of stress about your hair toupee being intact on its place while you enjoy the waves and shores.

If you are wondering where to get yourself a Waterproof Toupee Glue, then worry no more as Lavivid Hair covers everything one might need from the world of Hair Replacement System. Being in the industry for over 20 years, Lavivid hair has proudly made millions of men feel better about themselves while keeping them satisfied by providing them premium quality products. 

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