Get your dreamed hair system with consistent and high quality from LaVivid Hair. Here you will find a variety of choices including normal partial hair systems, full cap wigs, hair pieces for men and women, and even hair patches to cover the front hairline only or a small patch on the head. 

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  • DB Dan Becker
    stars Jan 19, 2022

    I have been bald since I was a teenager. I have always worn a hat every day for decades. The old days of men and their oh so obvious toupees never even tempted me until I found LAVIVID HAIR SYSTEMS for men! Lavivid changed my life! I have been a customer for 9 months now and love the EROS/thin skin system. It looks so totally real that even family members who know that I am bald could not tell that it was not my real hair! Thank you so much for the HAIR SYSTEM!

  • JT Jason Tingle
    stars Jul 17, 2021
    If you read only one review about LAVIVID, make sure it's this one.

    I just want to say how utterly amazed I am with the overall experience I've had with Lavivid.

    I'm 31 and have worn hair systems since I was 27, so a good number of years now. I've been through it all, the good, the bad, and the ugly.

    I've tried companies such as Hair4all, Toplace, and UK Hair systems. Each and every time I was let down by in one way or another (Customer service, time frames, quality, etc)

    From start to finish, the experience I've had with Lavivid has been absolutely outstanding. Their customer service is top tier, they're speedy, and the quality of hair I received outperforms the competitors mentioned above BY FAR.

    The most amazing part is, I ended up paying less and receiving a superior product when compared to previously placed orders with other companies.

    Do yourself a favor and give these guys a go. I was skeptical at first, but after doing my research (And I do so meticulously), the decision was obvious.

  • MD Martin Dean
    stars Oct 18, 2021
    Best Hair system on the market

    Best Hair system on the market

    Lavivid hair changed my life with the hair system ,I have been wearing there system now for 6 months and my confidence level is through the roof.

    When I first thought about getting a system ,it wasn't easy as no salons in my area was doing them but Lavivid was there every step of the way to help me ,every email I sent and there was a few ,one would come straight back unbelievable service ,unbelievable product .

    If your reading this review and thinking should I do it please email Lavivid and it will be the best decision you would make .

    Lavivid hair look real ,feel real and a great product with outstanding service so change your life today it will be the best thing you do

  • MN Michael Nadeau
    stars Oct 6, 2021
    My own personal experience with Lavivid hair from Michael Nadeau

    I just wanted to say that Lavivid saved me! I've been going to another hair company for my hair systems for 30 years and with covid, their factory's lead time has gone into 8 months and I am still waiting for 3 units I've already paid for. After extensive research on hair company's, I came across Lavivid and they have by far exceeded my expectations. The quality of the hair and base on the skin poly unit is perfect. I ordered a stock system first to try them out and have now gotten my custom order with only a 2 month lead time. I just reordered two more custom units so I am ahead of the game. I highly recommend them and Tina in the customer service department is great at answering all of your questions and concerns. I always get a response back within 24 hours through email. You will not be disapointed!