How to Choose the Best Toupee for Working Out

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Among so many different models of hair toupees on the market, which one is the best for people who work out a lot? Here the model I am talking about is actually the hair system base structure. Is it a full lace, full poly, combined base of lace and poly, or combined base of mono and poly or a combined base of silk and poly? There are actually a lot more you can see online. However, which model works the best for active people who exercise a few times a week and you have the concern that the toupee might fall out during working out. Read on to find out.

We will analyze this from 3 aspects of breathability, security and durability.


For wearing during working out, breathability definitely is the priority to think about. When it comes to breathability, lace is certainly the best material. It has thousands of holes on the base, so it allows your scalp to breathe freely.


The least you want with a toupee is that it might fall out especially when you sweat massively and it might break the bond.

Actually, the hair system base doesnt decide whether it will stay on the head securely while the bond does. To make a successful bond that wont break down during heavy sweating, first you need to clean your scalp thoroughly before the toupee application, and use scalp protector, and a solvent based glue for the bonding. Scalp protector prevents bonding been breaking by the sweat. A solvent based glue doesnt break down with sweat. 

Easy to Apply and Remove

When you wear a hair system, you surely want it to be easy to apply and remove. Well a perfect hair system model that can meet this requirement would be lace + poly in perimeter. 

With a hair system like this, you only need to apply tape or glue onto the poly in perimeter and leave the lace part free of glue or tape, so when you remove the hair system, you also only need to clean the poly area.

As we all know, cleaning glue or tape residue from the lace is very time-consuming, and this hair system effectively saves all the hassles.


For the above hair model, it is called Crius at LaVivid. With a structure like this, the poly in perimeter perfectly protects the base and keeps it in a good shape and also it makes the hair system last much much longer than a full lace base. 

Crius Hair Toupee Model

Then we have come to the conclusion that Crius toupee is the best choice for people who work out a lot. Crius is a stock model and it has two sizes of 6.3’’x9.4’’ and 8’’x10’’ and 5 colors of 1B, 2, 3, 1B10 and 1B20 and hair density of 130%.

When you choose a size, please measure your own hair loss size first and select a close size to yours. This model has 1.5’’ poly in perimeter and if the size is too large, you cannot cut off the poly too much. Otherwise, you will destroy the hair system base and there is no room for tapes.

When you choose a color, if you are in blonde or other colors, then a stock hair system cannot meet your needs. In this case, we can customize your hair color and in this hair system model.

When it comes to the hair density, 130% works for people at 20s to 40s, so if you are older than this, then this density might is too much for you. We can customize a lower density for you with this model. 

Contact if you have any questions or need guidance on choosing a hair system. We would like to help you 24 hours a day.





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