What Our Customers Say About Our Mirage Hair System

January 14, 2020
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Lavividhair.com respects and values our customers. We always listen to feedback, positive or negative, and we improve on ourselves and our products. Our mission is to deliver the best non-surgical solutions to men who are experiencing hair loss.

Now, let’s get on to what our customers have to say about the new Mirage hair system.

Rich is a keen gym goer and he has hair loss on the top of his head. Let’s see how our hair system makes this man look 20 years younger.

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Here is what Rich says about our hair system:

So the amazing @lavivid_hairreplacementsystem sent me one of their fantastic systems to try! My amazing stylist @rafelugofitted it on Saturday for me and I have to say it’s EPIC!! I’m wearing a 440 salt and pepper on the 2nd thinnest skin they do, SOOOO comfortable! 
A couple of things –

• It’s much thicker than the HairSkeen system I was using.
• The Quality is AMAZING! Literally this feels, looks and moves like real hair (it is real hair, I mean as if it were your own hair lol).
• The colour is still a fantastic match.
• Hairline is still completely invisible.
• Its actually more comfortable than my old system.
• Huge choice of colours and mixes, as well as bases.
• Apparently
this one will last longer than the 8 week expectation of my old system (which is great!) • Still using @ghostbondxl to fix in place.
• 4 day delivery to the door!
• Half the price! 
It’s outstanding, can’t recommend this company enough! Thanks to LaVivid hair, they changed my life.

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A good hair system finished result = a good product + an experienced hair system stylist. For the same product, the result can be totally different if you take it to two different stylists.

Rich is wearing LaVivid Mirage hair system since he tried the first one from us and he chose a grayer hair after this one and it looks super fashionable. Do you also want to achieve this silver fox look? Contact us now.

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The installation and styling of a hair system is essential to make the hair system look natural. We recommend you take it to a salon, barbers or stylist who has experience in styling hair systems. If you need recommendations for salons, contact us at [email protected] and we’ll find the best nearby salon for you.

Here at LaVivid, we have different gray hair options. Please check our color guide through below link and check all the colors we offer.  If you do not find a satisfactory color, please also contact us, we will help you customize your own hair color. We will do our best to satisfy you.