Are You Ready to Wear A Men’s Hair System?

February 10, 2020
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This blog is specially written for beginners who are new to hair systems. Wearing a men’s hair system is not a one-time thing and it takes a little awareness and knowledge to care for the hair system.

A common issue is that after the hairstylist applies and styles the hair system for you, you may notice that it looks good at first, but after a few days it may start to look different. The edges may start to lift, the front hairline might move, or the hair may become matted. This is in fact nothing to worry about, and it is extremely common for beginners to face problems like this when they first start wearing a hair system. Different people have different body chemistry, thus have different reactions to the hair system itself and the bonding products been used. All it takes is a little experience and learning to make your hair system work for you. Don’t feel disappointed and give up too soon. Give yourself some time to play with it, learn a few tips to deal with it and you will soon have no hair system problems that you can’t manage.

What Does the Learning Phase Consist of?

Before you start to wear a hair system, you need to be mentally prepared and expect the problems to come but be willing to learn and experiment to find out your best fit hair system, bonding product and routine and maintenance products. The learning phase usually takes from a few weeks to a few months.

Hair System Base Material

There are different base materials and also constructed differently. You need to find one that best fit for you. The most popular bases on the toupee market right now are the ultra thin skin base and lace base. They work well for some people but it doesn’t mean they will fit you very well too.

At first, you can pick a style that you like. Once you find that it doesn’t work so well, you might want to change to another base. Don’t worry if you don’t know which base to choose and change, just contact our experts and we are more than happy to help you out.

Here is a video that includes all the basic knowledge of a hair system and beginners who are new to hair system should check this out and you will find it will be easier for you to choose a hair system after watching it. 

Scalp Preparation Method Before A Hair System Installation

Scalp protection process decides whether your bond will be successful or not. For some people who have sensitive or oily skin, a good scalp preparation is necessary for wearing a hair system properly. Also there are different practices for this process on the market and you need to keep trying to find the best routine.


Adhesives for Bonding A Hair Replacement System

Should I use Tape or glue or both to bond my hair system? For the first time, it is impossible for you to know which works best. So you can pick one that you feel comfortable with for the first time and try other bonding method if this one doesn’t meet your expectations of the bond time. Each tape and adhesive has its own bonding duration, ranges from one day to a few months. Try different adhesives until you find the most suitable one for your caring and maintenance routine.

glue or tape

Products for Removing the System and Getting the Base Cleaned

In order not to damage the hair system base, you need to use special release sprays when you remove the base. Also the release product varies among difference base materials. After the base is removed, you usually need to use adhesive solvent or other products to clean the adhesives to make sure there isn’t any residue left.


Hair Care

The care routine for a hair system will be different than that for your bio hair. Since the hair has lost the natural oil nutrition from the scalp, so it requires more conditioning work to be done. You might face hair issues like tangling, frizzing, and even shedding. This is quite common and you need to build up your own caring routine to protect the hair from these problems.

Expect the Potential Issues, Accept Them and Deal With Them

Now you have an idea what problems you will be facing, so get yourself prepared mentally and financially. The learning phase is only the first a few months. After that, you will find it super easy and doesn’t require much time everyday. Also you can change your hair style every once in a while, DIY your hair and change the hair color both are ok. 

lavivid hair system before and after

Massimo has worn men's hair system for almost a year and he only take about 10 minutes on the hair system everyday. 

Here is a beginner's guide that we make especially for hair system beginner wearers. 

I hope all of you can ignore other people saying,just live yourself,and do what you like.Enjoy every day. Also remember, our experts are always here to help you deal with any issues you might have. Just contact us at [email protected].