The Introduce of Top 7 Herbs for Hair Growth and Thickness

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If you suffer from hair loss, you are better off treating your ailment naturally by using herbs for hair growth and thickness. Nature has been the most reliable source of beauty and health since the beginning of time and choosing a plant-based treatment has always been safer than medications. Here are 7 most efficient herbs at triggering hair growth and promoting hair thickness.

1. Rosemary

Rosemary is a great promoter of a healthy scalp. It is used as an oil and applied on the scalp to stimulate circulation and encourage hair growth. It also acts as an amazing moisturizer, tackling dry hair and speeding up the growth of new hair strands. Additionally, you get the bonus property of slowing down hair graying.

2. Peppermint  

If you have sensitive skin that falls prey to infections easily, you have to try some peppermint. This herb is known as a powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal agent that fights bacteria and viruses, soothing your scalp and making it a favorable ground for hair growth. By boosting blood circulation, peppermint allows for more nutrients to reach follicles, making them capable of growing more hair at a faster pace. The nutritious elements from follicles run all the way up to hair strands, nourishing them and making them thicker and stronger. You can use this amazing herb both topically as oil and orally as a tea.

3. Lavender  

Lavender pledges to destroy all bacteria, fungus and parasites that inhabit your scalp. Having a scalp full of fungus and other harmful microorganisms doesn't allow the hair to grow. Once applied on your scalp, lavender essential oil steers clear of all nasty agents, treating redness, itching and inflammation and making the scalp the best place for hair growth. For better efficiency, you have to massage the oil gently on the scalp for a couple of minutes. Be patient and avoid aggressive motions as it can injure the sensitive scalp.


4. Flaxseed

Flaxseed is a great antioxidant destroying free radicals that damage the scalp and compromise hair growth. It is also rich in fatty acids that moisturize and nourish the hair, making it stronger and thicker looking, which ensures that hair fall is kept at bay. Keep in mind that flaxseed has to go through heat processing before ending up on your scalp. Boil the flaxseed until it becomes like a gel. Then apply it gently, spreading it evenly on all scalp.

5. Nettle

Nettle promotes hair growth by stimulating blood circulation, which guarantees better nourishment for scalp cells and follicles. This strengthens the hair shafts, reducing the risk of breakage and hair thinning. To prepare the nettle for application, make it into a paste and mix it with olive oil for better effect. Then massage it on the scalp and let it stay for about 5 minutes. Then rinse off using lukewarm water.

6. Calendula

This herb has antioxidant properties that fight harmful bacteria and minimize infection and itching. It is also said to boost the production of collagen which leads to improved blood circulation and healthier follicles that start growing more hair. Calendula is also rich in vitamins and minerals that nourish the hair, contributing to its thickening and healthy condition. You can rub the herb directly on the scalp, initially mixing it with some carrier oil.   

7. Ginseng

Another antioxidant and hair strengthener is ginseng. By steering clear of bacteria and parasites, it helps restore hair growth. Additionally, it has a role in stimulating blood circulation that ends up in better nourishment and stronger hair shaft that has a higher resistance to breakage. Furthermore, ginseng is said to repair damaged follicles, making them again potent at generating hair. There are ginseng serums in drug stores based on a ginseng+aloe vera formula for hair growth, thickening, moisturizing and restoration. You can apply the serum on your scalp daily until you feel that your ailment is completely treated.

Wrapping up, if you are looking for herbs for hair growth and thickness, the following ones will not disappoint you. Rosemary and nettle improve blood circulation making the hair healthier and stronger, calendula and lavender abound in vitamins, minerals and fatty acids that nourish hair roots reducing hair loss, peppermint and flaxseed are great antioxidants that kill bacteria offering ground for hair growth, while ginseng proves excellent at restoring damaged follicles allowing them to grow new hair faster. 

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