The Most Complete and Detailed Guide for Male Hair Loss Treatment

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Male hair loss treatment refers to all the processes involved in replacing lost hair in men. Although hair loss occurs in both men and women, it has been observed that the condition occurs more in men. Hair loss typically begins at the crown and progresses to complete baldness if the condition is not handled accordingly. At the early stages, hair loss may be unnoticeable. However, extreme hair loss attracts attention from other people lowering your self-esteem.

Many men experience hair loss at least once in their lifetime if the condition is not hereditary. Hair loss commonly occurs when there is a disruption in growth cycles of the hair follicles. Shedding of hair follicles followed by an instant replacement by a scar tissue also causes hair loss. Luckily, there are many ways to treat men's hair loss. If you opt for non-intrusive methods of manly hair loss treatment, then is the best one-stop online shop to buy male hair systems and other accessories.

What are the major causes of manly hair loss?

•Nutritional deficiencies

Proteins, vitamins and minerals such as iron promote hair growth. If your diet has a shallow concentration of these nutrients, then you are prone to hair loss. Consumption of excess vitamin A can also cause hair loss. Also, if your caloric intake is low, there is reduced blood flow to the scalp leading to a reduction in quality of hair and eventually hair shedding.

•Androgenetic and Traction Alopecia

Androgenetic Alopecia is a major cause of hair loss in men. This condition occurs any time after puberty but is common at old age. The condition is characterized by loss of hair from the crown and temple points. Traction Alopecia is hair loss due to tight hairstyles. Although it is common in women, it can still be a possible cause of hair loss in men with long hair.

•Fungal infections

Ringworms commonly cause fungal infections. Ringworms attack the scalp causing temporary baldness. The disease begins as a small patch that spreads into a sizeable scaly patch. Hair loss occurs since the infection causes hair brittleness leading to easy breakage.

•Certain medications

One of the side effects of the administration of certain drugs is hair loss. These drugs interfere with the average growth of hair. Some of the medicines attracting these problems include antibiotics, antifungals, blood pressure medications, testosterone replacement drugs and anabolic steroids for male muscle building.

What are the methods used for male hair loss treatment?

If you need permanent solutions for hair loss, then these are the methods you should go for:

•Hair transplant surgery

This is one of the ways to treat all types of hair loss except the genetic-related ones. A tiny or large patch of the skin is removed from the part of your scalp with hair loss and hair follicles implanted on the bald portions. You may need several instances of this invasive procedure for complete manly hair loss treatment.

Disadvantages of hair transplant surgery

This is one of the male hair loss treatment methods that you should avoid due to the following drawbacks and risks:

Excessive bleeding and scarring

The procedure is more expensive when compared to other methods of hair loss treatment.

The surgery may fail. Some of the hair transplant surgeries fail due to genetic factors.

It still requires the use of drugs even after surgery to keep the implanted hair in place.

•Laser therapy

In this method, photons are irradiated into scalp tissues with hair loss, to promote hair growth. Although this method is less invasive than the surgery men’s hair loss treatment method, the long term effects of these rays are not very safe. Clinical laser manly hair loss treatment can interfere with other medications related to photosensitizing and it is still costly.


Certain drugs can be used to treat hereditary men's hair loss. The options in this category include:


*Minoxidil. This medication is available in liquid foam and is rubbed on the balded area to regrow the lost hair. The disadvantages of this type of hair treatment include:

Extended treatment time to achieve complete hair replacement. The medication should be administered for at least six months without missing any dosage.

Scalp irritation, especially if you are allergic to regular hair creams.

Growth of shorter and thinner hair that creates non-uniformity when hair grows.

Unwanted hair growth. If you, for example, ignore using gloves when applying minoxidil, there will be unwanted growth of hair on hands. Application of the medication to adjacent parts such as the face or neck may also cause the growth of hair on those body parts.


The medication comes in the form of a pill as is taken to cause new hair growth. Like minoxidil, this medication is administered for long before noticeable results are seen. The drug has the following side effects on men:

Reduced sexual action and drive

Increased risk of prostate cancer.

What then, is the best male hair loss treatment method?

Hair replacement systems

These are non- surgical manly hair loss treatment method eliminating all adverse effects related to surgical treatments. offers customized and affordable hair systems to solve all your male hair loss problems.

Men hair toupees

A toupee is an artificial lock of hair used to cover a bald spot. At, you will find a variety of wigs such as lace, skin, mono and silk hair toupees. The advantage offered by toupees is that they can be customized into the color, shape, style and size that you need. A pre-style service at lavividhair enables you to send a template of the area on your head with hair loss. The toupee that matches your hair system is then sent to you instantly.

male hair loss

What materials do you need to install toupees?

•Hair system tapes

These materials enable the wearing of toupees in a more relaxed way by acting as double-sided adhesives. At lavividhair, you will find all kinds of hair system tapes, including rolls and contours, strong and long- time holds and those for sensitive skins. From as low as $7 you have your hair system tape at

•Maintenance tools

Male hair toupees require daily maintenance to maintain it in the right shape and condition. Such items include hair system holders and combs. To purchase these items, you should browse the accessories page at

Hair loss solution

If you want to regain your lush hair instantly and in a safer way, you need to consider treating your hair loss with noninvasive methods such as toupees. offers the advantage of reasonably priced and customized hair systems. Male hair systems are comfortable to wear and are arguably the best method of male hair loss treatment.


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