The Best Treatment for Men’s Hair Loss

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The majority of men will experience varying degrees of hair loss or balding in their lifetime. Some guys will even start to lose hair in their 20s and 4 out of 5 men will have major hair loss in their 50s.

men's hair loss

Hair loss can cause devastating damage to a man’s confidence, especially a younger man. You might start to wear a hat and not go out without it and always be worried that your girlfriend might find out. It can be embarrassing and frustrating.


There are several options to regain hair, including wearing a toupee, taking medicines, having a hair transplant surgery, etc. Taking medicines will inevitably bring side effects and after you stop taking those, your hair will start to fall out again. As for surgery, it can be a painful process as well as pricey.


Alternatively, wearing a toupee, which is also called a men’s hair replacement system, is apparently the most economic and safe choice and can avoid you from needles, knives and several months’ waiting time.


What is a Hair Replacement System? How does it look like?


A men’s hair system is made up of two parts, the base and the hair. Some bases are made of lace and some are madefrom skin. The hair is tied onto the base strand by strand to create the illusion that it is growing from your own scalp. With the hair system, you can go to a barber shop to have it cut and installed. Then you can regain your old hair. Sounds amazing?! Over the years’ development, you can always find the right one that matches you in the hair type, color, texture, etc.


Does it look natural?

natural looking front hairline

The answer is absolutely Yes. The ultimate purpose of a hair system to make it looks just like your own hair. Toupees have a come a long way in recent years and our designers and manufacturers have worked hard to design and the most natural looking hair systems. From the two pictures above, one is a lace base and the other is a skin base. Both materials are delicate, thin and can blend in with your skin seamlessly. Nobody will be able to tell that you are wearing one.

We also use different ventilating methods in different parts of the base to make the hair move just like your own hair would.


Is it affordable?

A men’s hair system only costs between $100 to $200 and they generally last3 to 12 months for each one. Knowing the confidence it will bring you, it is totally worth the money, right?


Is it easy to maintain?

Totally! After you have it applied and styled it, you can treat it just like your own hair. You can wear it while you are sleeping, taking a shower, swimming, running, playing basketball and literally any activity without having to worry about it falling off. In theory, you can keep it on for 2-3 months until it needs to be replaced.

Where Do I start As A Starter? 

First, you can do some research on Google, youtube or instagram and learn about what a hair system is, what properties of each type of toupee and find out which suits you the best. Get an idea how a hair system works in general. A hair system is designed to cover the baldness for people who are going through male pattern baldness and they still have hair on the sides and back of the head. So the hair system is cut and styled to blend in with your existing hair. A seamless blend of these two parties will make the hair system look very natural and just like your own hair.

Here is a video that we make especially for starters and it includes all the basic knowledge about a hair system. 

How do I proceed?

We understand that it is not an easy decision to make for the first time and you may have questions. Visit our website to view our products and see the different features for each item. Or you can contact our customer service team at and they will be very happy to help you. If you are an experienced wearer, you can place order directly on our website and we accept payments through paypal, credit card, and debit card. We also provide worldwide shipping. Enjoy your shopping here.  Wish you have a nice day.

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