Frequently Asked Questions about Men’s Hair Systems

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We have summarized the most frequently asked questions from our customers about men’s hair replacement system for your reference. I think it will much help when you choose men's hair systems.

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1. I work out a lot and spend most of my time sweating. Which system is the most breathable and suitable for a very active lifestyle?

Full lace hair systems are the most breathable and light-weight styles. We also have combined bases of lace and skin which are also breathable and easy to apply and remove. We recommend you remove the hair system and do a thorough clean once a week if you sweat a lot everyday.

2. I am looking for the most secure attachment. Which base shall I choose?

If bonded correctly, all our hair systems will provide you with a secure attachment. If you care for your hair system properly, by removing, cleaning and rebounding every 2-4 weeks it will stay secure.

Nevertheless, if you are looking for the strongest attachment, many of our clients have experienced fantastic results with the full skin base. By applying a full skin base, you need to apply liquid adhesive all over the scalp, thus it will yield the most secure fit.

3. Will wearing a hair system cause any damage to my scalp? I haven't completely ruled out the possibility of a hair transplant in the future.

It will not damage your scalp or existing hair, provided the hair system is kept clean and maintained correctly. The hair system may actually provide protection to a certain extent against the sun and will protect sensitive scalps from the elements.

4. How long will I receive the hair system after I place my order?

It depends on where you are located and whether you are buying our stock or custom hair systems. For stock hair systems, we can offer immediate shipment. If you are in the U.S., you will likely receive it in 4-7 business days after you place the order. If you are from another country, the shipment will likely be longer. Our custom hair systems usually take 6-8 weeks for production. When it is completed, you will receive it in 4-12 business days depending on where you are located.

5. How often do I have to replace a hair system?

It totally depends on which base you choose for the hair system because different bases have different lifespans. Our ultra-thin skin base (0.03mm) has a lifespan of about 2 months while our mono base hair system can last up to a year with the correct care.

6. Can I swim, shower or sleep with my hair system on?

Definitely. You can sleep in it, swim in it, shower in it and probably do anything in it. It shouldn’t stop you from doing anything. However, chlorine in pools can be harmful and drying to the hair. So, we would recommend you deep condition the hair after you go swimming to help make the hair sleek again.

7. I swim a lot. Which kind of adhesive should I use for the most secure attachment?

If your hair is exposed to water frequently, it is best to use water-proof tape or adhesives. It is proved that acrylic adhesives (Ultra Hold) or a Blue Liner Lace tape function very well for secure attachment.

8. How long should I leave on the hair system bonding?

The total time of bonding will depend on many factors including the adhesive used, your skin type, the climate and your lifestyle. We recommend you only remove it and get it cleaned every 1-2 weeks to extend the lifespan of the hair system effectively. If you don’t sweat a lot and live in a dry climate, you can leave it on for longer at 3-4 weeks.

If you use liquid adhesive to attach a lace hair system, we don’t recommend you leave it bonded for more than two weeks. If you wear it for too long, the adhesive will penetrate through the lace and this will make it very difficult to clean.


9. I usually have problems removing the tape from the lace base of my hair system. Do you have any good tips for this?

Before removing the lace hair system from the scalp, apply a spray adhesive remover to where the tape is and let it soak for several minutes. Find the edge of the base in the back and lift it a little. Then use a towel to remove the tapes gently.


10. Will the lace match my skin color?

Our laces and skins are completely transparent, allowing your own skin to show through. Even if you tan during the summer, the base will remain invisible. Some of our systems also offer different color bases.

11. Can I have a different density hair in different sections of the base?

Yes. Many of our customers order a lighter density in the front hairline to create a natural graduated appearance. We can also offer a lighter density around the perimeter to blend in with your hair seamlessly.

12. Do you offer a customization service?

Yes, we do. We offer a convenient personalization service to create the most suitable hair system for your specific needs. You can design the hair material, color, texture, density, base construction, base size, base shape and hair direction of your hair system.

13. How much does your hair system cost?

This is actually the number one asked question from our customers. Please read this blog for a detailed answer of this question. 

13. This is the first time I start to wear a hair system, where should I start when choosing a hair system?

Actually, there is a lot of knowledge that you need to learn before wearing a hair system and you can find all this information on Google, Instagram and youtube. Please do some research and watch some videos to get a general idea of what a hair system actually works. For the first time installation, we do recommend you take the hair system to a salon nearby to get the toupee fitted and styled. If you cannot find one, no worries, we at LaVivid can pre-cut the hair system for you. Regarding which hair system to choose, a full skin base is comparatively easier to work with. For example, our Mirage hair toupee is a very good choice. To learn more, please feel free to reach out to

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