Common Mistakes for Your First Hair System Installation

January 2, 2020
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Most hair systems bought online aren’t ready to wear. Usually you need to take the hair system to a barber to get it installed and styled. This is because the hair length and base come in the default sizes and will likely be too long for you. Usually the base is cut down to fit your hair loss area and the hair is also cut and styled for the hairstyle you want.

men toupee

After it is styled in the barbers for the first time, it’s common to choose to install the hair system on your own the second time.

Inevitably you may run into some problems when you do this for the first time. It’s always good to be prepared by reading up on installation or watching videos.

Let’s see Csaba’s experience of applying his toupee for the first time on his own.


Taking off the toupee

take off the toupee

I planned to take it off and reapply it. Unfortunately, the application process took longer than I expected. It was also a lot more cumbersome than I had expected. The glue residue was stuck on the lace of the toupee and it took me so long to get rid of it. When I shaved my head, there was a spot that started bleeding.

Applying the toupee – First round

I decided to use tapes not glue for the reapplication. I had a hard time putting the tapes onto the lace and it didn’t work the first time. I tried again and finally got the tapes on the lace. Then I applied the toupee onto my head but managed to put it on backwards. This was a whole disaster.

apply toupee at home

Applying the toupee – Second round

I didn’t know which way was the front and which was the back. I managed to take everything off and start again. This time I didn’t put it on properly. It was a little realigned and it turned a little sideways. I wore it that way, traveled with it, showered with it and it stayed in place for a week.

Applying the toupee – Third round

apply scalp protector

apply glue

I ordered a better tape as well as a scalp protector. I have more practice now with the experience of the last two rounds. This time I applied it properly and I am very happy with it.

hair system result

Talking about my whole experience

First of all I want to talk about the reception with all my friends and my colleagues and people that I know, the reception was incredibly positive. It was almost scary how easily I got used to it and how easy people got used to it around me. It felt so natural.

Two weeks in, I am still very much surprised how natural it feels and how right it feels and how easy it is to live with it. To be honest, after two weeks living with the toupee, I am very positively surprised.

Now I’ve become a little more accustomed to it, it’s going to be a lot easier and it’s going to be a lot more routine and I will be able to get it done a lot faster.

Everybody is saying that I look a lot younger right now with the hair. The hair is very easy to maintain. Showering in it, sweating in it, it was completely fine.

It was crazy how quickly I was able to go on with my everyday life knowing that I am in this hairpiece basically 24/7. I can see it being a very easy way to just keep moving forward.

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