The Introduce of Hair Prosthesis and Why It Is So Popular

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A hair prosthesis is one of the most efficient ways of fighting hair loss. It looks so natural that some patients call it a non-surgical hair transplant. So, what is hair prosthesis and what makes it so popular among people suffering from baldness? We have gathered the most frequently asked questions on this topic and prepared in-detail answers to help you get a better understanding of the product and decide if it's what you really need.

1. What is a hair prosthesis?

Well, this item is nothing else than a hairpiece that is prescribed to patients suffering from hair loss as an alternative to surgical hair transplantation. It is fully customized to the head size of the patient ensuring that it lays perfectly and looks authentically.

2. How to tell a prosthesis from a wig?

Well, it is hard to highlight some major differences between the two, as they look similar and play the same role of bald scalp coverage. Still, if diving deeper into the topic, we can find some aspects that help us differentiate them. First of all, a prosthesis is more of a medical concept and the patient usually comes to wear it as a result of a doctor's prescription, and the expenses for it are covered by health insurance. While wig can be bought by anyone who is not satisfied with his or her hairstyle.

Also, wigs have a prefab shape, size and style, while a prosthesis is customized to the head size and scalp chemistry of a special person. Moreover, prosthesis can cover a small area on the scalp, while wigs are designed only for full head coverage.

3. What are the advantages of prosthesis?

First of all, this way of treating hair loss gives immediate effect, reducing waiting time as with drug treatment. Moreover, a prosthesis works great with the entire spectrum of alopecia disease (hair loss), including androgenic, cicatricial and areata. Even patients undergoing chemotherapy, who are not compatible with hair transplantation and some of the drug treatments, are allowed to fight hair loss in this way as it is not allergic and does not trigger side effects.

Of course, the price is also a big advantage, since buying a prosthesis is more affordable than undergoing surgery for implanting new hairs. Now, here comes a feature that some people will perceive as an upside to others as a drawback. A prosthesis is not permanent as an implanted hair. However, this allows you to remove the hairpiece to cool off the scalp or to get a more comfortable sleep.

Another advantage is that the procedure is reversible. Unlike implanted hair that is firmly introduced under the scalp, a prosthesis is attached using adhesives, so you can remove it immediately if you don't like the way it looks or feels.

4. What are the disadvantages of prosthesis?

It is reasonable to mention that prostheses have more advantages than disadvantages. A drawback would be that it requires maintenance. Just like any other wig, it has to be removed, washed, conditioned and then applied back which takes longer than maintaining implanted hair, which involves just brushing, washing and conditioning if needed.

If compared to hair transplants, the price of a prosthesis is low. Nonetheless, some models that use natural hair may seem expensive to patients with a tight budget.

5. Does it look natural?

Prosthesis may be manufactured both from synthetic fiber and natural hair. Advanced technology allowed for both materials to look natural. The tiny difference exists though, but it can be hardly noticed by nonexperts. Still, the human hairpiece is more expensive than a synthetic wig, and the added price value relates to the higher durability of human hair, rather than to its more natural appearance.

6. How long does it last?

Typically, a prosthesis has a lifespan that ranges from 6 months to 2 years. Of course, much depends on the maintenance and environment. If you fail to meet the maintenance requirements or you live in a polluted environment, the hairpiece will wear down faster.

All in all, hair prosthesis is a kind of wig prescribed by doctors to people suffering from hair loss and tailored specially for a person, suiting his/her head size ideally. It has a lot of advantages that make you want to wear it, including immediate effect, natural look, low price (compared to other treatments), compatibility with all spectrum of baldness, and procedure reversibility. 

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