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You are young and in your twenties and hair loss is already threatening your appearance. The trauma, the fear and anxiety – you feel helpless because you know that the promises those topical drugs make are almost empty. What do you do? Society isn’t helping matters. You are almost convinced that you should accept your fate like many other men have. But what is your fate?

men's hair loss

While you are advancing and making progress in your business and professional career, it is important that your confidence doesn’t recede with your hairline – don’t you agree?

It isn’t wrong to be bald. The fact that male pattern baldness comes with significant negative effects is what makes it a problem.

Several surveys of how women feel about bald men and how men feel about their hair loss showed repeatedly that it has a negative impact on their personal attractiveness and self-esteem. More men feel less attractive without their hair than those that do not.

The question at this point is this – if men value their hair as much as women, why do we have so many bald men around? Well, apart from those who outrightly don’t care about their appearance, there are a few other categories where this population falls into:

-          Those who haven’t heard about men’s wig toupees

-          Those who allow their ego and doubt to get in the way of getting what they actually want

-          The diminishing minority that will rather be bald

If you belong in the first category, then you are in luck! The most suitable solution to hair loss problems you’re facing is men’s wig toupee.

Men’s Wig Toupee

This hair replacement system for men is beginning to go viral. The fact that you can have your hair back without painful and expensive surgery is just amazing! Men’s wig toupee provides all men –young and old – who have experienced some degree of hair loss an opportunity to live with their hairs feeling full and natural again. These wigs don’t just put chunks of hair over your head; they give you a natural hair look that is practically undetectable as a hair attachment.

men's wig

The second category of bald men have a lot of fears concerning wearing a wig as a man due to the fact that it is not so popularly accepted. If you’re here, we completely understand your fears. But you should know that it hasn’t always been like this. There was a time when wigs and hair pieces were almost exclusively men’s accessories. Actually, men's wig toupees are more and more populare during these year, a lot of men have been used to wearing wigs in their daily life.

Will it make you feel less insecure if you knew that a lot of celebrity men use toupees almost all the time? In fact, Hollywood makeup artists came up with the idea of these men’s wig toupees. 

realistic toupee

Will it reduce your insecurities if you knew that you can wear a wig without being detected? Yes! That’s the whole point of modern day men’s wig toupees. The synthetic fibers used in making these hairs are practically indistinguishable from natural human hair and are styled and worn in such a way that only those you tell will know you’re wearing a toupee. The wigs are put in place by special stylists to cover baldness perfectly such that it resembles your natural hair. In addition to all these, these men wig toupees are becoming more acceptable in the world of men’s fashion. For this reason, men’s wig toupee may be the most effective solution to eliminating baldness and the associated reduced self-esteem it may bring.


So what are you waiting for?

Your fate is in your own hands. You can enjoy your natural younger look once again as you bask in the confidence of youth and natural hair styles thanks to men’s wig toupees. Today, there are affordable hair replacement systems that allow even commoners to replace their baldness with good toupees.  And now there are many famous brands of men's wigs for you to choose from.   


Getting a good toupee for yourself

Real human hair gives the best results. They are a little more expensive than the synthetic men’s wig toupees as expected. But the synthetics are also great and natural-looking. One of the advantages of using toupees as a form of hair loss remedy is that you can change your look anytime you want without spending time in salons.

-          The first thing to consider is whether or not the wig is a matching replacement with your own natural hair. If you want to blend the wig with your original hair, then you should opt for men’s wig toupee made from natural hair and one that matches with your own hair. However, if the wig is covering every part of your head, then the need to match with your original hair is not needed and the synthetic toupee will work just fine.


-          Before stepping out, plan to buy two units. This is just to ensure that while you have to take off a wig for maintenance in the future, you have another to use.


-          Know your hair details. There are a lot of different wigs out there. Yours is the one that matches the measurement, colour, hair type and hair density that you have already outlined. So, to get the best fit, take the correct measurements of your head.



Maintenance hair system

To keep your confidence up, you need to properly maintain your wig and it is best if you know how to do this yourself.

After making a good purchase, styling is next, then maintenance. The procedure for maintaining men’s wig toupee may not be the same as that of your natural hair. Fortunately, men’s wig toupee comes in different styles and textures. The most popular ones are semi-permanent and water resistant. Bathing with them in water during showers are fine but swimming will cause a lot of friction and damage to the hairs.

Maintenance is a whole another subject, but the following tips should help:

-          Keep your toupee soft but don’t shampoo excessively

-          Do not blow dry your hair, air dry instead

-          Use the right hair products, like those that contain sunscreen

-          Reduce exposure to sunlight and chlorine

-          Condition your hair wig more

-          Shampoo before detangling

-          Use a good stylist

Men wigs have really made a massive comeback and the stigma is fading fast! More men are becoming open to the fact that they wear a toupee. It isn’t worth it for men to struggle emotionally with hair loss when men’s wig toupees are readily available. Take this life changing step today and do it without remorse.

If you need any assistance or guidance about how to choose, care or maintain a hair system, please connect with us through and our experts will help you out. 

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