What's the Influence of Minoxidil?

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When trying Minoxidil, it is important to look for Minoxidil side effects. While the medicine proves excellent at triggering hair regrowth, it has some adverse reactions that you should be familiar with before starting the treatment. We prepared for you a guideline on Minoxidil use to help you administer the topical in a wise and safe manner.

What is Minoxidil  

There are a lot of suggested methods on how to make the hair grow again, but one of the most popular is using the medicine called Minoxidil. If you have just joined the hair loss fighting community, you most probably haven't heard much about this drug. So, we are here to help. Minoxidil is a topical that is applied on the scalp skin to trigger hair growth. It is used to strengthen the hair follicles, which helps them support the existing hair fibers and grow more hair.

It is important to make sure when applying Minoxidil that it doesn't reach the blood flow, but rather stays in the follicles which are right below the scalp skin. There are some situations though when the topical breaks the follicle boundary and absorbs into the bloodstream, which can lead to some unwanted side effects. It can happen either when you apply too much topical on the scalp, or when your scalp is infected, swollen or irritated upon application.

Generally, it is forbidden to use Minoxidil with infected or red skin, as the risk of it getting absorbed into the blood is incredibly high. You must apply the drug only on a healthy scalp, using a thin layer which is enough to prompt new hair growth.

Minoxidil side effects      

Minoxidil is considered a safe drug if taken in the proper dose and applied on a healthy scalp. Still, if the person overuses it, applies it on an infected scalp or suffers from heart disease, the drug can manifest some side effects. While little is known about the interaction between Minoxidil and the body of a pregnant woman or of a person aged below 18, the drug is not recommended with these categories of people.   

So, one of the most popular side effects is skin irritation. It happens due to exaggerated amounts of topically applied on the skin by some people who think that a higher dose speeds up the hair growth. It is absolutely wrong thinking. Unfortunately, Minoxidil is not a magician that triggers full hair recovery overnight. It requires a long treatment course that lasts an indefinite period of time.  

The user must take the drug, within decent limits, over and over until the hair regrows fully. So, there is a personal treatment period for each individual. You are strongly recommended to be patient throughout your course and avoid applying a lot of topical at once, which will do nothing but overwhelm the follicles making them even weaker.

While having a targeted application, Minoxidil can trigger sometimes unwanted hair growth in other regions of the body. Many times it is an abundant facial hair growth. If you happen to experience such a side effect, you are recommended to consult a doctor on this issue.

While facial hair growth may seem more or less inoffensive, there are side effects that pose a real threat to your body health. These include hand swelling, headache and rapid weight gain. If any of these happens, you have to stop taking the drug immediately and address a doctor for new directions.

Minoxidil effect on heart activity

It is well known that Minoxidil doesn't have a good relationship with the circulatory system. The drug can cause the disruption of heart activity, making it beat faster and pump great amounts of blood to organs that lead to headaches, confusion and swollen body parts. A hint that you've got Minoxidil in your bloodstream is also chest pain. In such a case, there is no better thing to do than stopping taking the drug. Aside from it, you are recommended to reach out to a cardiologist to help you regulate your heart activity.  

To conclude, Minoxidil is a safe drug for hair growth, as long as it doesn't get into the bloodstream. To avoid it, you have to apply the topical on a healthy scalp in reasonable amounts and ensure that you don't suffer from heart disease. If the drug reaches the blood, the Minoxidil side effects that you will have to deal with include headache, dizziness, swollen hands, chest pain, weight gain and hair growth in unwanted areas.

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