Do You often Worry about the Side Effects of Finasteride? Tell You the Truth about It

September 04, 2020 Men's Hair Loss Views: 1486

Are you going through hair loss and considering finasteride? Are you worried about the side effects and are you skeptical about the effectiveness of finasteride? Today we are going to talk about the 10 facts about finasteride that you have to know before deciding to take it.

Finasteride Is More Effective for the Crown than Temples and Hairline

A 5-year study on 1553 men where they found out the efficacy of finasteride on vertex hair regrowth was effective. However, when it comes to the frontal hairline and temporal recession, the efficacy has not been established. 

Hair Regrowth Rate

The fact number two is about the average hair regrowth rate per square centimeter by individuals using one milligram of finasteride. Study shows 15% hair regrowth on average the individuals started with an average hair density per square centimeter of 175 hairs per square centimeter. After one year about 15 percent improvement in hair density per square centimeter was observed which is like 25 more hairs for every square centimeter. 

Sexual Side Effects

Over 1000 and 800 men observed side effects like decreased libido and erectile dysfunction.  by manner erectile dysfunction has been reported by 1.3 percent of men on finasteride and by 0.7 percent of men on placebo. Why the number of men on placebo experienced these bad side effects was almost the same as the number of men taking finasteride experiencing this side effect? That makes you think that finasteride can't be that bad. Well, read on to find out the reason.

Similar Efficacy of One Milligram and Five Milligram Finasteride per Day

The efficacy of Finasteride of one milligram was similar to the efficacy observed with the five-milligram finasteride dose. However, a lower dose than 0.2mg shows little effectiveness. So which one is safer? Read on to find out. One study compared 295 people using finasteride one milligram to another group of people using finasteride five milligrams per day. Sexual side-effects were seven times higher by five-milligram Finestra than that people taking finasteride one milligram per day. Libido, erectile dysfunction and possible impotence were only considered serious by the group taking five-milligram finasteride per day and most severe by the one-year mark by long-term use of finasteride. This just shows that the dose one milligram of finasteride per day is not only considered effective in terms of regrowing hair and preserving your hair but also its safe when it comes to potential side effects. At least it is safer than the five-milligram dose.

Depressive Side Effects

The probability of you getting depressive side effects is higher if you are more susceptible to the depression in the first place. A study of 174 patients suggests that finasteride might induce depressive symptoms although the depressive side effects should be considered especially when the medication is prescribed for patients who are more susceptible to depression. So if you are a happy man having life loving yourself and having a good time living, well the depression should not kick in. 

Hair Loss Will Come Back After Stopping Taking It

Finasteride doesn't provide any additional hair regrowth benefits after two years of use besides the ability to stop hair loss. Even though you will not gain any hair regrow from finasteride after taking it for two-plus years if you decide not to take it your hair loss would have gone worse and worse.




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