The Guide to Buy Toupee for Yourself

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If you are experiencing hair loss or you are not satisfied with your hairstyle then you must BUY TOUPEE. But before knowing how to find the best wig you must know what a toupee is.


A toupee is a non-surgical solution for those who are experiencing hair loss. Since the last few decades, toupees are gaining popularity among men and women to cover the bald spots on their head. They can be made by using synthetic or natural hairpieces. Men and women use the wigs made of synthetic hairpieces due to their natural looks and feel.


While choosing a wig you can choose from a wide variety of extensions on the basis of their color, quality, texture, and length of their hairpieces. You can easily hide bald spot on your head with the help of a wig but to buy a good wig you will have to consider a few things like:

COLOR OF HAIRPIECE: You can find wigs with hairpieces of various colors. You can choose from them according to the color tone of your skin. You can match it with your skin color by holding the wig against your face. Its shade should also match the shade of the remaining hair on your head.

TYPE OF HAIR: Wigs are normally made from synthetic as well as natural human hair and sometimes with the blends of human hair. Human hairs are costlier than synthetic hair. Hair blends used for this purpose can be safe to use straightener and curler. Wigs made from the virgin hair of mankind can be dyed and look realistic. The hairstyle of a wig can be kinky, curly, wavy, or straight so that you can buy toupee according to your hairstyle.

LENGTH OF HAIRPIECES: In summer it is easy to wear a wig with shorter hairpieces due to a warmer environment. You may like to wear long wigs to change your hairstyle but you will have to brush them consistently to avoid tangling. So you should choose the length of hairpieces in your wig according to lifestyle. If you have enough time to style your hair then a long wig can be suitable for you otherwise a short wig will be the best for you. So, the best wig for you is that you can manage easily and suit your hairstyle.


SIZE OF THE TOUPEE: The size of the cap of your toupee should make you feel comfortable as you have to wear it for a long time. So, before you buy a toupee from a nearby store you should try it to be sure about its size. However, while buying it online you should measure your head’s circumference as guided by the site. Some of the wigs have elastic straps that can be adjusted to get a wig of the right size easily.

CONSTRUCTION OF THE CAP: One of the main factors in a wig is its cap. Usually, silk or lace is used to make the front part of the wig. Its structure is designed in a way so that you can part it as per your requirement. The silk base has a layer of lace in which strands of hair are embedded individually so that their knots remain hidden under the layer of lace. It will help in making your wig flexible and look natural for you.

YOUR LIFESTYLE: The wig you choose to cover your bald spot should match your ability to style it, your work schedule, and lifestyle. You should think about how much time you can give to style your hairpieces while buying a wig. If you cannot give enough time to style your hair according to the wig then you should choose a wig suitable to the style of your natural hair.

If you are planning to BUY TOUPEE to cover the bald spot on your head then you can visit LaVivid. They can provide you the best solution to resolve your hair loss in a non-surgical manner like In this hair system with lace, Helios has used the lightest and thinnest Swiss lace to make its base completely transparent. They have sewed Swiss lace by hand to ensure its durability and better shape. The front hairline of your wig will look more natural due to the softness of the Swiss lace.


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