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Today, we’re going to discuss how long you can realistically expect a hair system to last. I’ll cover some important points to help you set your expectations.


Key Points to Consider
When setting your expectations for the duration of a hair system, consider the following:

Base Material and Thickness
Thicker Base: The thicker the base, the longer the hair system is likely to last.
Thinner Base: Thinner bases are more fragile and less durable, but they are more comfortable. It’s a trade-off between comfort and durability.
Base Types and Durations
Thicker Polyurethane (Poly) Bases
Duration: These tend to last longer, around 6-7 months, but the hair may start shedding after that.
Ultra-Thin Skins
Duration: These are the thinnest and most fragile. Don’t expect them to last more than 2 months.
Lace Bases
Swiss Lace: More fragile but comfortable, lasting around 2-3 months.
French Lace: More robust and can hold more hair, lasting 4-6 months.
Silk Bases
Silk Bases: These are becoming more popular. They last longer and are comfortable. My current system, which is a silk base, is almost 6 months old and still going strong. The expectation is to get up to a year out of it.


Summary of Expected Durations
Ultra-Thin Skin: 1-2 months.
Thicker Poly: 3-6 months.
Swiss Lace: 2-3 months.
French Lace: 4-6 months.
Silk Base: 8-12 months.

Tips for Extending Hair System Lifespan
You can always extend the lifespan of a hair system by taking good care of it. Here are some tips:

Use a silk pillowcase.
Apply Argan oil.
Keep it out of the sun.

For those new to hair systems and unsure about maintenance, check out on more of our blogs that go step-by-step on how to remove and reapply a system. It’s been getting a lot of views and people find it helpful.


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