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Being Breathable and Realistic Hairline

Lace base zis a mesh base, so it is totally breathable and it is a good choice for active lifestyle and hot weather.

Single knots are used in the front hairline and the knots are also bleached. The hair looks like it is growing directly from the scalp, giving you the most natural-looking appearance.

Full Lace Hair Systems

Full lace hair system means that the whole base is all lace material. This means that it is breathable for every area that it covers on your scalp. There are two kinds of lace available which are French lace base and Swiss lace base.

French lace is comparatively a bit stronger and more durable than Swiss lace. While Swiss lace is the most transparent and soft lace material on the market.


The reason why combining lace with skin is that to make the base much stronger and more durable and make it easier to apply and remove tapes.

The difference between Ares and Crius is that Ares has a lace front hairline while Crius’ hairline is a skin hairline. Ares has the same realistic lace hairline as Helios, while Crius’ hairline is a bit thick and it is recommended to wear the hair forward and not exposing the hairline.

Wash A New Lace Base before Application

For a brand-new lace hair system, please wash the base before the tape/glue application. The reason for doing this is that there is a layer of special conditioner applied on the base and hair to keep them in a good condition. This conditioner will stop the tape or glue from sticking.

Dawn dish soap can be used to wash the base.

When you wash the lace base, make the lace side facing the faucet. This way prevents the hair coming from the hair side to the lace side.

A Good Product to Remove the Lace Hair System

If you apply tape or glue onto the lace base, the glue might seep through the lace base and get to the hair root.

Before you remove the lace base, spray lace release from the hair side towards the scalp to areas with tape or glue.

Wait for 30 seconds and gently lift the system away from the scalp. This will help remove the glue residue very easily.

LaVivid Lace Hair System Looks


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