LaVivid’s Best Seller Hair Systems in 2011

January 27, 2022 LaVivid News Views: 1422

Here we are listing the best seller hair systems in 2021 at

Number One - Mirage hair system 

Mirage is a 0.04-0.06mm full skin base hair system and it has 90% hair density. So the skin base is thin enough to provide a natural looking hairline and it is thick enough to make it a bit more durable than the thinnest skin. Also the hair density is medium light and it is not thick nor too thin. So it is just right for most of people. Mirage is definitely the #1 best seller. 

Number Two – Helios Lace Hair System

Helios is a full lace hair system and it is the most breathable hair piece. Also it has 90% density which is just right for most of people. 

Number Three – Custom Made Hair System

Custom made hair system is also very popular. Among all the orders, the amount of custom orders takes around 33%. For a custom order, whether it is For men, For women, Short hair, Long hair < 24’’, Single/mixed hair color, highlights, lowlights, Lace, skin, mono or combo bases, High density, low density, Curly, wavy, straight, Indian hair, European hair, Small size, big size or even a full cap wig.

Number Four – Ares Lace Hair System

Ares is a hybrid base hair system. It has lace in the front and skin in the back. This construction make the hair system more durable than a full lace unit. The skin in the back allows you to cut off to match the size you need. Also the skin on sides and back makes it easier to apply and remove.

Number Five – Coeus Hair System

Coeus is a 0.08mm full skin base and it is very durable. The hair is 115% density and it is a good option who likes thick hair and a good durability.

Number Six – Eros Ultra thin Hair System

Eros is a 0.02-0.03mm ultra thin skin hair system. It is the most natural looking hair system. However because of the ultra thin skin base, it is not very durable. So not all people can afford it. 


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