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Lavivid hair reviews allow insight into customer feedback, helping you to purchase the best head-piece tailored towards you. The lavivid website contains a whole blog section where customers document their experiences with the hair systems. This provides a more comprehensive experience around purchasing, as you may be able to see yourself reflected in detailed customer reviews, especially the ones that contain a profile. La vivid provides a variety of replacement hair systems specifically for men. These systems come in various bases, designs and can even be custom made.

The currently available bases are as follows:

The lace base, divided into Swiss & French lace systems.

Lace is typically the most common base used in wigs/hair-pieces. These pieces can last up to 4-6 months if you correctly maintain and protect your hair system. In this piece, the hairline is made to look more natural. Single knots are used near the hairline, compared to double knots elsewhere. Knots are visible with darker hair and are where the hair strands are tied to the base.

The skin base

The skin base, typically made of a material called Pu, offers the most discreet, natural wear. Wearing a piece with a skin base ensures the most stress-free wear. On the website, a descriptive video is provided detailing how this base is made, which is an interesting watch.

The monofilament hair base

This is a great option if you want longevity from a hair system. These can last more than six months and are a great investment option. Along with this, they’re perfect if you’re looking for extra thickness when it comes to hair.

Silk Top base

The knotting system in this piece is designed to make the knots completely invisible. This is done by using layers of silk to disguise the knots. Although this option offers discreet wear, the base tends to be thicker than other bases.            

Mixed base

If you are struggling with options, and like something about a base and something else about another, you have the unrestricted option to combine any of the bases based on your individual profile. This is helpful if you have specific needs from a hair system.

If you are still struggling with what to choose, La viva offers expert help & guidance, just email  

The blog

Along with lavivid hair reviews, the blog acts as a support space for individuals who are going through similar issues when it comes to hair loss. The section on men’s hair loss includes a detailed and varied range of articles, from titles such as ’10 Early Signs of Balding’ to ‘Pros and Cons of Different Hair Loss Remedies for Men’. Along with purchasing hair systems, this blog offers detailed information surrounding these topics which no doubt, allows individuals to make the best details regarding both purchasing and wider matters.

On the left side of the page, there’s a section titled ‘Popular Posts’ which is extra helpful as it allows you to look at the topics which have gained the most traction, whether they be about Lavivid hair reviews or more general topics. The most popular article is titled ‘What is the best type of men’s hairpiece for you?’. The main point this article makes is the difference between ‘hairpieces’ and ‘wigs’. The distinction is made by stating that hairpieces function to deal with the issue of hair loss, whereas wigs are typically used for fashion purposes. Another key difference is the size of a hairpiece compared to a wig. Hairpieces tend to be smaller, and their main function is to present the image of natural hair. Wigs are not as constrained in their purpose and can look natural or unnatural.

The Lavivid hair reviews on the blog are written in a conversational, personal tone detailing experiences with hair loss as well as experiences with the hair system. Although the main purpose of the customer reviews is to direct potential customers towards certain hair systems, the reviews also function as confessional pieces, which no doubt contain feelings and issues that many potential customers have experienced in regards to hair loss. 

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