LaVivid Helios Swiss Lace Toupee Review

March 03, 2020 Lace Hair Pieces 101 Views: 3220

In today's video, I'll be reviewing a hair unit or a hair replacement unit from a company called LaVivid.

I do want to let you all know that all of my reviews will be fully transparent. I'd like to provide everyone with a very objective perspective of how these units have worked for me so that you can make an informed decision if you do decide to purchase one for yourself.

The unit that I'm wearing is called Helios Swiss Lace Toupee. I've had it for about a month and a half now, so that I can fully test to see how the durability is and the quality is like. This is a full Swiss unit and I have the color 1B with 0% gray and I actually ended up cutting the sides of this unit and also the back to fit my needs.

I come from a family where my father taught me and my brothers to cut their own hair and so I'm using my skill set to install this piece. In this photo I'm showing you the front hairline so that you can see the level of realism you can achieve with a system. In the other photo, you can see my biological hairline and notice on the top it's been thinning nd on the sides I have a receding hairline.

mens hair system before and after

I was in a bit of a rush when cutting and installing the unit because it was New Year's Eve and I had a party to attend so I didn't get a chance to fully blend the sides of my hair. Now the day after the New Year's party I asked my brother to blend in the sides of my hair and so he cut my hair a bit shorter on the sides and you can see the results here.


Pros of Helios Swiss Lace Toupee

About this unit I think the quality is good. I like the durability factor. The original hairline that came with the unit was very nice. I ended up actually plucking a little bit of it and cutting the sides like I'd set to you so that it would match my own needs. The hair in the unit is very soft and it flows well in all different directions.

lavivid swiss lace toupee

Cons of Helios

My only con about this unit is the fact that the color that I chose is a little bit off in relation to the real color of my hair I did notice that under sunlight the hair in this unit is a little bit more red toned than what I'm used to because my normal hair is actually a little bit grayish in tone or ashy in tone but otherwise I love the unit I think it works well for me it's a very durable and the quality is good.

Helios is a full swiss lace base. Swiss lace is the most light and transparent lace available on the market. It is said that there is only less than 5 machines in the whole world can product this swiss lace material. So it is super valuable. 

Visit to check on the product details and let them help you pick a suitable style. Their customer service is quite nice and helpful. The contact info is


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