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I am back with a new system from LaVivid and this system is called, "Mirage toupee for men - full super thin skin base.

My size is an 8 by 10. That's just, like, the stock size that it comes in, but you can do custom sizes where you, like, measure your scalp and see how much you need. But, you also can get just an 8 by 10 and then cut it down once you put it on your head.

lavivid mirage toupee

I got the color darkest brown, and I want to read the description for you here. The description says, "Mirage is made of poly paper all over. The cap base offers you a transparent and super thin skin feel that will blend in with your own skin seamlessly. V-looping ventilation method is used in the front 1/8 of the cap base, which creates the most realistic front hairline. Micro-knots are used for the rest of the base, simulating natural hair growth, just like your own hair. Mirage yields the most secure fit and you don't have to worry about it coming loose or slipping off.

That description is true. And, I was a little surprised with the poly paper base, because the other system that I have, that's not from LaVivid, that has a poly perimeter, it's maybe it's just, like, a thicker kind, but it feels different than this one, and this one, I mean, it feels totally fine to me. It doesn't feel bad at all. But, it is very thin and comfortable. I don't even really notice that I have it on. It feels just like my own hair, and in the front the front hairline, I'll probably put a picture up on the screen, but I also have the picture here on my phone if you can see it. The person's finger is, like, under some of the poly paper stuff, and it did have, like, that big section of stuff right there, and I don't know if you're supposed to trim that off, but I did trim mine a little bit, just because it was annoying, and it kept, like, folding under and getting stuck on the adhesive whenever I tried to put it on, so I did trim mine down quite a bit, but I made sure not to, like, cut any area where the hair was coming out of it. But, you know, if you're too scared to do that, if you're too scared to trim yours down, like, on the sides, in the back, you can always take it to a salon and do that, and I've been wearing it for a little over three weeks, I think, and I've talked a little bit about it on my Instagram, but I'm actually really enjoying it, and my partner, he even said that he thinks it's his favorite of the three that I have.

mirage toupee

I have this one and then two others that aren't from LaVivid. I mentioned, also on Instagram, that they have - one is a full lace base, and the other is lace with poly perimeter, and I really like full poly, because, to me, it's much easier to clean than lace, because with lace, the adhesive and the glue and stuff can, like, seep through and get into the hair, and it's just a real mess. The first time that I cleaned the- my lace one myself, it was- it went terribly. I thought that I had ruined the hair, because there was just glue all in it, and I had a little bit of a mental breakdown. So, yeah, cleaning lace, for me, is not fun. But, cleaning this was, like, no big deal at all. I really just, like, let it sit in some pretty hot water for a little bit, and I also have, like, stuff that I use that is specifically made to remove the adhesive, and I used that, as well. I sprayed a little bit of that on there. But, you just use a rag, or, like, a cotton ball, and you can easily get the adhesive off. It wasn't a big deal for me at all.

customer review

The hair is really soft. I mean, you can see, hopefully, it looks pretty soft. But, I really like the feel of it. I really like the wave. It has a little bit of a curl/wave to it, depending on, like, how you style it when you get out of shower. I'm sure it could, probably, be, like, blow dried straight too, but, you know, I don't want to do that. I like the curls; my natural hair is wavy/curly, so this is the way that I like to wear my systems, but, I mean, honestly, I'm really, super happy with this one, and I can definitely recommend it to you guys.

Obviously, it's the only one that I've actually been able to put on my head and try, so, hopefully, in the future, I'll be able to test out some more for y'all, and I can't say that I really have any cons. I think, maybe, the only thing that I'm a little concerned about is, I feel like it might shed more easily than my other systems, but that could also just be me, like, being paranoid, and, like, super hyper aware of every time a little hair comes out, because that's how I was with, like, my own hair, like, every time I shower so much of my own hair would just come out when I'm shampooing and stuff, so that might just be me being, like, paranoid and super focused on the hair, and it probably doesn't even shed more than the others, but I'm just, like, noticing it more. I think that's really the only, like, slightly negative thing that I have to say about it. So far, so good, for me.

The color is still, you know, going great after several washes. I'm sure, like, the more you wash it, the more the color will fade, but you can always dye it again, or you could get, like, color depositing conditioner or shampoo that could help with that.

As far as putting it on-I put it on just, you know, like I did with my other systems. It is a little more difficult for me to put it on, but I think that that's just because of the size, because I left it at the 8 by 10 size, and I didn't trim it down to match my first system that I got, which was actually measured and, like, matched to how much I needed to cover. So, it can be a little frustrating trying to put it back on myself, just because I have to try and, like, avoid getting the hair stuck to the adhesive when I'm putting it on, and sometimes, it can just be a real trial and error type thing, but they do make, like, sprays- retouch sprays that you can spray on, so you have, like, a minute or two to adjust everything, but what I do- I just use

alcohol, I just spray alcohol down on my scalp and, sometimes, on the system, and then that gives me a little bit of time to, like, take it back off if I need to and put it back on the right way. I'm just really liking it.

So you can't really see the knots, but I can assure you that these knots are much, much, much, much, much less noticeable than the lace one that they sent me and I ruined. They're much less noticeable than that, which is great for me, because I don't know, the knots on the other one just really kind of annoyed me, and the- the hairline is- is good too. To me, it's not very noticeable at all, any of the knots there, but I don't usually wear my hair pushed back, so I don't really have to worry about that, which is why I haven't glued this back down yet, because I just- I tend to wear my hair in front of my giant forehead.

realistic hairline

For the way that I like to style it, and for the look I like to have, I'm very, very pleased with it, and like I said, I definitely recommend this one to you guys if you've been wanting to try a system out, I say you know, go for it, and they have several different colors to choose from, and also, LaVivid was kind enough to give me a coupon code that you guys can use. It is Liam15. I will probably put that in the description below. But, you can use Liam15 to get 15% off your purchase, which I think is really awesome. I've said it before, but I'll say it again- I think their prices are very fair, and the quality is also very good, in my opinion. I wouldn't be recommending it to you guys if it was not good quality, and if I didn't like it, like, that would make sense.

It's nothing to be embarrassed about. So many young people are getting into systems now, and a lot of them go to salons, and most people just can't afford going to salons, because if you do it through a salon, it's much more expensive, but, I mean, you also get a really great quality system if you go through a salon,

but this one is also really good quality and for much, much, much cheaper, and probably more affordable for just, like, the average person. I know with my first one, I went through a salon, and I got a system from Hairskeen, which is a pretty well-known company in the hair system world. That one was much more expensive, and I'm still paying it off, actually. It's not practical for me to get one from there every time.

Speaking of the salon, if you are in Houston, I’d recommend Elan Hair Studio. If you want to buy a system from LaVivid, you can take it into Elan Hair Studio, and they will apply it for you, if you're worried about having to do that yourself. They'll help you out. They'll cut it in for you, and yeah, it's really awesome.

So, if you're in Houston, I also recommend going there, because they're super, super, super nice, and they'll work with you to get you what you want and make you happy.


Hair Loss Solutions I Tried Before

I, myself, tried the majority of options before switching to systems. I did Rogaine, I did, like, derma-rolling, because that, supposedly, can stimulate the hair follicles and help with hair growth. I used all different types of, like, natural balms and shampoos. The only thing I didn't try was the pills, just because the side effects of that really worried me, and I didn't wanna try messing with that. So, yeah, I tried almost everything before going to this, and Rogaine is probably the thing out of all of those that helped the most, but Rogaine did not help with the receding hairline much at all. It just helped with the thinning back here, and the receding hairline is what I was most self-conscious about, so that's why I decided to make the choice and go to systems, and like I said in my last video, I'm so glad that I did that.

I'm so much more confident, and I do not care if people know that I wear hair systems, obviously, because I'm making this video, and I post about it on my Instagram. If people want to judge, that's fine. I think that it would be really stupid for someone to judge people wearing a hair system.

If someone has, like, a disorder that makes them lose hair, or if they are going through, like, cancer and they wear wig or whatever, nobody says anything about that, but heaven forbid some dude wants to wear a system, because he's going bald, and people just think that they can make fun of that-It's really dumb. So, don't do that, and don't be afraid to wear a system, because you're worried about all the ridicule, like, no one has ever made fun of me...yet for wearing a system, so I would say, just go for it, and try not to care about what anyone thinks.

LaVivid Mirage toupee is really popular among our customers. It is a full skin base, so it fits on the head super securely and doesn't lift up on you. Compared to a lace base, skin base has a much more firm bonding. If lifting edges is a problem to you, you can give Mirage a try to see how it works for you. If you need any assistance, please feel free to contact us at


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