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    What People Say about European Hair

    FAQFrequently Asked Questions

    • 1What is a Virgin European Hair System?

      A Virgin European Hair System is crafted from untreated, natural European hair. It is not subjected to chemical processes, ensuring it maintains its natural texture, color, and quality.
    • 2How is Virgin European Hair Different from Other Hair Types?

      Virgin European Hair is known for its fine texture, silky feel, and natural appearance. This hair has not undergone toning, lifting, bleaching, or dyeing, ensuring its natural integrity remains untouched. So it can be colored, balayaged, rooted, permed, treated, and fully customized to suit individual preferences.
    • 3Can I Color or Style Virgin European Hair?

      Yes, you can! Since it's untreated, Virgin European Hair allows for various styling options, including coloring. However, it's recommended to let a professional who has experience in coloring hair systems to color the hair for you to ensure proper care.
    • 4How Long Does Virgin European Hair Systems Last?

      The lifespan depends on factors like maintenance, usage, and care. With proper care, a Virgin European Hair System can last several months, maintaining its quality.
    • 5How Do I Care for My Virgin European Hair System?

      Use sulfate-free and gentle hair products. Detangle gently, avoid excessive heat, and store the hair system properly. Detailed care instructions may be provided with your purchase.
    • 6Do Virgin European Hair Systems Come in Different Colors and Textures?

      Yes, they do. European hair is hair sourced from Europe and starts off blonde, light brown, or auburn and has the texture of European hair. Notably, European hair tends to carry warmer tones when compared to Indian hair.

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