The Introduce of Top stick tape

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Topstick tape is a multi-purpose essential which comes in different forms for specialized purposes. It was originally invented by Vapon as a discreet method of keeping hairpieces/toupees attached to the scalp. It is hypoallergenic and does not leave a sticky residue if placed directly on the skin. This is a key characteristic this tape has which other fashion tapes may not have, it does not leave any residue on the skin.

The tape does not irritate the skin and is barely noticeable. However, it is important to observe how your skin reacts to the tape beforehand as certain skin types are very sensitive. It is advised to do a patch test before using the tape to see how your skin reacts. Along with this, please do ensure that the skin area where the tape is placed is hair-free, as the tape will stick to the hair and cause pain upon removal.

How to apply Topstick tape

Topstick tape is clear and double-sided. To apply, make sure you attach the tape to the perimeters of the hairpiece, ensuring on the application that the tape does not come into contact with any of your hair. It helps if you measure out approximately how much tape you will need before applying, so you do not waste tape or apply it in the wrong way. Try not to place the tape in a certain position then remove and re-apply as it will only lose its attachment properties.

The tape is easy and convenient to use, it has a relatively non-messy application and can be altered and fixed on the go. Do make sure that the tape is connected correctly to ensure that the headpiece remains attached. By placing the tape along the perimeter of the headpiece, it creates a natural, secure look. You do not have to worry about too much adjusting, as the tape is long-lasting and can even be used when doing physical activities and sports such as swimming.

This tape is a perfect alternative to other methods of applying hairpieces, such as glue. For beginners particularly, using this tape to secure your headpiece will definitely be quicker and easier than using glue. As toupees/hairpieces tend to be kept on for longer than wigs, using a tape prevents the excess build-up of adhesive and the need to re-apply. Although you may need a tape to touch up, it will be a lot easier than using glue.

The tape comes in many different sizes, so you are not restricted to the main version of the tape. You can also use smaller strips for fixes in a specific area. Most importantly, this tape will cause a lot less damage to the scalp & the hair compared to glue, and it does not leave a residue so does not require much clean-up. It is important, however, to cleanse your scalp before using the tape.

Different Kinds of Topstick tape

Topstick Roll

This is the classic version that you would imagine when you think of the tape, it is handy and great value for money. It can be cut down into whatever size and shape you need. Topstick Roll also comes in different widths and lengths, so you can easily tailor it to your requirements.

Topstick Custom Cut Curves

These come in different curved shapes, great for application for more angular headpieces/wigs or for garments where a straight piece of tape just won’t do the job. These are perfect for headpieces which may be more difficult to apply, it is handy to look at the custom measurements beforehand to get an idea of what is best for your headpiece.

Topstick Plus

You might have guessed by the name, but this tape gives a bit extra. It comes as both straight, and curved tape. Topstick Plus holds for up to 14 days! It is the perfect long-term solution and withstands movement, sweat & makeup. Topstick Plus is definitely a very reliable, and trusted product that has been tried and tested.

Topstick Strips

Topstick Strips look similar to band-aids and are pieces of tape which have been cut already. These are perfect for smaller, more delicate fixes, perfect for quick, on the go alterations.

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