How Many Rock Stars Who Wear Wigs?

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Mainly, it is important to point out that nowadays there are many rock stars who wear wigs, and their hairstyles really look great. 

So, the hairstyles of the great majority of rock stars are really wigs, and the main reason why rock singers wear wigs is because of the exaggeration of their hairstyles.

However, there are also rock singers who wear wigs because of different problems with their hairstyles, and other times because of the "culture" of rock. And as many of us know, in the rock culture it is important to use an excellent and extravagant hairstyle.

Here is a list of rock stars who wear excellent wigs.

1. Elton John - An incredible rock star

This well-known singer around the world was born on March 25, 1947, currently Elton John is 73 years old, and believe it or not, he still wears a wig. 

But, a very important fact that you should take into account is that Elton John since his youth suffers from alopecia; it is the loss of hair due to genetic factors, and it generally affects men.

So, Elton John started wearing wigs in his youth, and since then this rock star has a characteristic look that many people know.

This rock singer even admitted years ago that he experienced hair loss and baldness due to his unhealthy lifestyle.

2. Chris Martin

He is a rock and pop singer; co-founder and leader of the British band Coldplay. In addition, Chris Martin rose to fame thanks to the famous British rock band, previously mentioned, Coldplay.

Chris Martin throughout his musical career has experienced different hairstyles, but really this rock singer wears a wig because he suffers from baldness.

It is even possible that this rock star has received a hair transplant, because it is a very effective treatment for hair loss, and to stop the receding hairline.

3. Gene Simmons

Chaim Witz, known as Gene Simmons, is a composer and rock singer, born August 25, 1949, and currently 71 years old.

This rock star has worn various extravagant hairstyles throughout his life. Even today there are rumors that Gene Simmons uses hair systems.

This 71-year-old man has worn different wigs on and off-stage for decades. And believe it or not, Simmons is totally bald.

4. Phil Collins

Philip David Charles Collins better known as Phil Collins is a composer, drummer, musician and rock singer. Collins was born on January 30, 1951, and is currently a 69-year-old rock star.

And of course, Phil Collins is also one of the rock stars who wears wigs. It is important to note that Collins was a member of the band "Genesis", then he split from the band and also became famous thanks to his solo career.

Phil Collins is one of the rock stars who wears wigs to show off an incredible hairstyle. So Collins often wore different hairstyles, thanks to the different wigs.

However, Collins didn't have any problems with his head, meaning he was in good hair health and didn't suffer from excessive hair loss.

But, currently, this singer is 69 years old, and he really wears wigs because he is presenting baldness problems.

5. Harvey Philip Spector

He is a composer, director and rock singer, and is also better known as Phil Spector. Born on December 26, 1940, Spector is currently 79 years old.

Spector became famous mainly thanks to the different wigs and hairstyles he used for live performances.

It is important to emphasize that this rock singer currently suffers from quite advanced baldness. When Spector started his career as a musician, he started wearing different wigs.

Generally, the wigs that Spector used were of different sizes, styles and colors. So, this singer when he was performing live, really the incredible hairstyle he had was thanks to a wig on his head.


Today many rock stars wear wigs mainly because of baldness problems, but there are other rock stars who wear wigs because they want to have extravagant hairstyles that will attract the public's attention.

As we all know, having an extravagant hairstyle is fundamental for a rock star, but not only extravagant but also incredible and unique. 

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