Want To Go Natural with Your New Hairpiece? Try An Invisible Thin Skin Base for The Best Results!

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People with bald patches or thinning hair have likely tried every trick in the book to hide their receding hairline or bald patches. Many people have been silently struggling because they are unaware that there is a simple, painless answer to baldness issues that produces noticeable results in just under a few hours!

You are wrong if you think a medicine or a potion can magically do this. A combination of different chemicals or organic products cannot grow your hair back, let alone disappear a receding hairline. Hair replacement systems are the only quick, convenient, non-invasive, and affordable solutions to male pattern baldness!

Hair replacement systems, also known as wigs or toupees, are a kind of hairpiece that can be fully personalized according to your needs and lifestyle requirements. Since these hairpieces can be personalized according to your specific needs, they come in different types, sizes, and qualities. 

Consider whether a partial hairpiece will suffice to conceal your bald spots or hair loss before deciding on a hair system or whether a full hairpiece is more appropriate. But more than anything else, you need to know what hairpiece base is best for you because that is what counts.

People all around the world are increasingly experiencing hair loss, which is why there are many alternative bases for hair replacement systems widely available. To get the best result from a hairpiece, you need to find the one that fulfills all your specific requirements while also helping you maintain your aesthetic. When it comes to realistic and breathable hairpiece solutions, the best option is to go for an invisible thin-skin hair replacement system by Lavivid. These systems are the best choice for anyone with an active lifestyle and who wants to go for a natural-looking solution.

invisible thin skin hair replacement system

Thin Skin Base: The Most Natural Solution for Your Hair Loss

The area of the cap wig where the human or synthetic hair is attached is referred to as the "hair system base." It is essential to figure out which hairpiece will look best on you and make your head look more natural while ensuring a snug fit. You must be familiar with all the different types of bases and how they distinguish from each other to choose the one tailored to your specific needs.

Thin polymer hairpieces are also known as thin skin hair systems. These bases are pretty thin, one of the key characteristics people find to be the most appealing about these hairpieces. Stretchy thin skin hairpieces are also relatively simple to wear and fit precisely on the curve of the head, giving it an incredibly lifelike appearance. Due to its realistic features and natural appearance, it provides a natural hairline and seamlessly merges with the existing hair. Invisible thin skin hair systems are the most popular choice for thin and natural-looking bases.

What Are Some Specific Features of a Thin Skin Hair System?

The potential of non-surgical hair replacement techniques, such as wigs, to instantly transform clients' appearances and conceal baldness is leading to their increased popularity. Here are some distinctive qualities of methods for invisible think-skin hair!

Made With Premium Quality Material

The thin skin base for hair pieces is composed of polyurethane and has a non-porous layer. As a result, there is no possibility of sweat or any other toxin leaking into the hair system or dirt seeping within the base. You won't feel uncomfortable wearing it because the material is lightweight and breathable.

A Thin Surface

A Thin Surface

As the name suggests, the invisible thin skin base has an invisible skin that sits comfortably on your head. It is lightweight and very comfortable to wear since the base material is only 0.03-0.08 mm thick. It is impossible to tell if someone is wearing a cap wig or if their hair is their own because the hair system foundation is so thin and transparent to the scalp.

It's common to worry that people will notice while you're wearing a hairpiece or wig because they can tell the difference. However, this issue is also resolved because the hair replacement created on thin skin bases is robust, simple to wear, and invisible. Additionally, your natural front hairline is preserved!

Gives an Appearance of Natural Hair Growth

Thin-skin hair wigs by Lavivid are V-looped and do not contain any knotting when it comes to ventilation (the method by which the hair is fastened to the base). As a result, the hair appears to be sprouting out of the scalp naturally and is as free to move as real hair. Since your hair may flow around without limitations, you can experiment with various hairstyles!

Long Lasting and Easy to Clean

A thin skin hair system has a longer lifespan than other non-surgical hair replacement systems, lasting up to 13 to 15 weeks with proper care. It is lightweight and simple to clean. Since it is non-porous, it can also be worn with adhesive without causing the hair to tangle.

How To Clean an Invisible Thin Skin Hair System

How To Clean an Invisible Thin Skin Hair System:

Whether a hair system is new or worn, cleaning it is essential. Once you get a thin skin hair system, make sure to clean it properly before you start using it. When using it regularly, you must clean off the residue from the base to ensure a smooth installation every time you put it on. 

Here's how you can clean a used poly hair system and remove any adhesives.

1. Wet the whole hairpiece properly.

2. Choose a shampoo appropriate for your hair piece, lather it up, and apply it to the hair system.

3. Look thoroughly for the patches of residue or glue on the base and take them off gently. Make sure you don't rub it, or you will end up harming the hairpiece. 

4. Wash the shampoo out of the hair system thoroughly with water.

If your particular hair system has any special instructions for hair care, make sure that you discuss them with your provider beforehand. Remember, the key to durability is maintaining a proper cleaning routine for the hair system. LavividHair.com provides the best professional services if you are looking for an invisible thin-skin hair system. Visit our website and browse through hundreds of different options that can be tailored according to your specific needs!


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