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C-through Bio Skin Hair Systems

Santo ZSanto Z
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Unmatched quality and amazing customer service !

Let me start off by saying I have been using LaVivid hair systems for the better part of two years and I have yet to have a bad experience with them or their products ! I have worn the Mirage , ErosCthrough and now the Louie systems and the products are unmatched ! The systems they provide are in my opinion the best out there ! The hairlines are truly undetectable and I get compliments on my hair a lot ! The customer service is also unmatched..if ever a problem they resolve with no hassle. I truly stand behind this company because of the customer service experience and the quality of the products ! I have been beyond elated with the products they provided to help boost men and women’s confidence all around the world ! I recommend their products to anyone ! Amazing !

Dan BeckerDan Becker
  • ErosEros

I have been bald since I was a teenager. I have always worn a hat every day for decades. The old days of men and their oh so obvious toupees never even tempted me until I found LAVIVID HAIR SYSTEMS for men! Lavivid changed my life! I have been a customer for 9 months now and love the EROS/thin skin system. It looks so totally real that even family members who know that I am bald could not tell that it was not my real hair! Thank you so much for the HAIR SYSTEM!

  • LouisLouis

I have been wearing systems since 12/31/2021, but have been wearing a very expensive $800 system from a salon. My wife and I decided to start doing it ourselves and came across a few options, but went with Lavivid after looking at options and chatting with the helpful team. I purchased a Louis- C bioSkin and a Mirage v-loop to compare side by side, both in the 0.04-0.06mm thickness and both pre-cut/styles from LaVivid.

First off, they both feel amazing on my head and are very lightweight. The one I paid more for and got from the salon was very thick now that I have worn these two for a while. The hair texture from that one was also off. The Louis C and Mirage both had realistic-looking and feeling hair. My wife immediately said this blends and looks more natural in all lights.

The pre-cut hair service was 5/5. I sent in a few pictures of my hair from multiple angles, and they made it look very clean. I was surprised by how close they got it.

Up until this point, both the Mirage and Louis C have looked and felt the same, up to the application process even. Now for the main difference between the two, the dull vs gloss material. This is insane and incredible how well it blends in! With the mirage and my salon system, there is a shiny line for the hairline when you look at it under some light. With the bio-skin dull, it blends FULLY, without a single track of where the line is.

I will purchase only the dull model moving forward as it blends in so well it is worth the slight premium.

I used ultra bond to stick it to my head, and it lasts me ~3-4 weeks depending on the weather.

No-Shine Dull Finish Appearance

A shiny hairline is the last thing you want to get from a skin hair system. LaVivid uses a unique technique that is the most advanced on the market, making the skin base have a dull finish, so it doesn’t shine under light.

Some companies might add a chemical matte powder to create this dull finish, but here at LaVivid, the technique we use is a physical technique, and it is totally chemical-free. Thus, people won’t get an allergic action while wearing it.

No-Shine Dull Finish Appearance
No-Shine Dull Finish Appearance

Super natural hairline with LaVivid
Upgrade Eros Hair System

Totally Transparent and Blends in with your skin Perfectly

LaVivid’s skin base is totally transparent, and it blends in with your skin perfectly when bonded correctly. So when you wear a LaVivid skin hair system, you can have a realistic hairline and unnoticeable edges on the sides and back.

You can practically have any hairstyle with LaVivid Upgrade Eros and Louis C-through Bio Skin Hair System including slicked-back haircut, French Crop, Fade Haircut, Undercut, Faux Hawk, Quiff, Pompadour and Side Part Haircut.

Totally Transparent and Blends in with your skin Perfectly

Soft yet Strong

The LaVivid skin hair system is super soft and feather-weight, so you won’t feel a thing while wearing it. At the same time, it is strong, elastic, and durable. For a 0.06 mm super thin skin hair system, LaVivid products can typically last at least three to four months, compared to a one to two month lifespan of other company's skin units.

A LaVivid special technique is also used to avoid the skin becoming stiff or turning yellow after sweating during exercise or long-time use.

Totally Transparent and Blends in with your skin Perfectly

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