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No-Shine Dull Finish Appearance

A shiny hairline is the last thing you want to get from a skin hair system. LaVivid uses a unique technique that is the most advanced on the market, making the skin base have a dull finish, so it doesn’t shine under light.

Some companies might add a chemical matte powder to create this dull finish, but here at LaVivid, the technique we use is a physical technique, and it is totally chemical-free. Thus, people won’t get an allergic action while wearing it.

No-Shine Dull Finish Appearance
No-Shine Dull Finish Appearance

Super natural hairline with LaVivid
Upgrade Eros Hair System

Totally Transparent and Blends in with your skin Perfectly

LaVivid’s skin base is totally transparent, and it blends in with your skin perfectly when bonded correctly. So when you wear a LaVivid skin hair system, you can have a realistic hairline and unnoticeable edges on the sides and back.

You can practically have any hairstyle with LaVivid Upgrade Eros and Louis C-through Bio Skin Hair System including slicked-back haircut, French Crop, Fade Haircut, Undercut, Faux Hawk, Quiff, Pompadour and Side Part Haircut.

Totally Transparent and Blends in with your skin Perfectly

Soft yet Strong

The LaVivid skin hair system is super soft and feather-weight, so you won’t feel a thing while wearing it. At the same time, it is strong, elastic, and durable. For a 0.06 mm super thin skin hair system, LaVivid products can typically last at least three to four months, compared to a one to two month lifespan of other company's skin units.

A LaVivid special technique is also used to avoid the skin becoming stiff or turning yellow after sweating during exercise or long-time use.

Totally Transparent and Blends in with your skin Perfectly

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