The Way to Use Davlyn Waterproof Adhesive

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Are you looking for an adhesive for your hairpiece? Do you wish to change your adhesive for a long-lasting one? Do you wish to keep your hairpiece for an extended period? Let me present to you Davlyn waterproof adhesive. It is a liquid bonding adhesive used to hold hair for an extended time. It is one of the best that you can find in the market for this particular use.

What are some of the considerations you are supposed to make before choosing the adhesive for your hairpiece? First things first, you should understand what your skin type is and what it is not. The glue you are going to use will need its application to the head, but different scalps have different compositions. Some scalps are oily, sensitive or even dry. You need to know your type before choosing an adhesive.

Another vital thing you should factor in is the types of ingredients and chemical composition in the adhesive before using it on your body. Different bodies react to various chemicals in different ways, especially with those chemicals that the body can absorb. Some other factors for consideration may include the period you will have your hairpiece on, the climate activities you intend to indulge in, temperatures, and so forth.

Davlyn Waterproof Adhesive


It is an adhesive used over an extended period. The fact that it is waterproof allows you to participate in activities such as swimming, workouts, and bathing with no discomfort or fear of the hairpiece getting loose or falling off. The design of the adhesive is in such a way that it maintains a firm bond for the time you are using it.

It comes from Ethyl Acetate which is highly combustible necessitating storage of the formula away from fire, heat and sparks. This adhesive comes in a small bottle that you can conveniently carry around ad use in cases where you need a retouch. Although Davlyn waterproof adhesive is generally safe, it is always essential to test it for sensitivity before using it. Precaution is necessary because different people have different irritability, primarily to chemicals.

Davlyn Waterproof Adhesive comes in two different formulas. The first formula is the green label lace wig adhesive formulated for users with oily skins and lace hair systems. The second one is the black one designed for use on hair systems from polyurethane.

How to Apply

Before you apply this product, you need to do a patch test to ensure that there are no issues of sensitivity to the ingredients.

Step 1: Wash your scalp and ensure to dry it thoroughly. In case you used a previous adhesive, make sure to remove it carefully using a solvent that you chose.

Step 2: Clean the area you wish to apply the adhesive on with an alcohol-based component. We suggest a concentration of between 91 – 99% will be sufficient.

Step 3: Use a good protector for the scalp before applying the adhesive since it comprises of Ethyl Acetate. The scalp protector ensures that the glue does not seep into your scalp.

Step 4: Using the brush applicator, apply a thin layer of the adhesive to the skin in an even manner. You can still apply this to the tape supposing it is your preference.

Step 5: Let the application area dry for about 3-6 minutes until the shiny effect fades away.

Step 6: Attach your hairpiece to the glue proportionately and press it firmly to hold in place.

Step 7: Allow the adhesive to dry for about 8-10 minutes. One dry, the glue becomes waterproof.

How to Remove

The nature of the bond that this adhesive creates is so durable that we recommend you use lace release, which is the best for its kind. The lace release ensures that your hair composition is protected and efficiently removes the hairpiece without tearing your hair. Once done removing the hairpiece, clean the residues left by the adhesives with alcohol.


It does not get affected by perspiration. It is waterproof. It is small and very convenient to carry around. It applies to a variety of skin depending on the formula. It dries clear.

It allows you to keep your hairpiece for an extended period.


· May be sensitive to some skin types. (Please read the instructions carefully before use)


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