Pros and Cons of A Super Thin Skin Hair System

December 11, 2019
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At LaVivid, we have full skin hair systems in four different thickness options. Our thickness options include: Ultra-thin (0.02mm), Super thin (0.04mm), Thin (0.1mm) and Skin (0.12mm). The thinner the base is, the more transparent it will be and subsequently, the shorter time it will last. Today we are going to talk about our super thin skin hair system, and what the benefits and drawbacks of a super thin hair system is.


Our super thin hair system is called Mirage Toupee for Men.

mirage toupee for men

Here are the pros of Mirage toupee:

  1.     The base measures 0.04 mm and it is feels just right without feeling too thin or too thick.
  2.     The hair in the front hairline is v-looped and there are no knots at all, so the front hairline looks very natural.

v-loop hair line

      3.     The hair density transitions from thinner to fuller to resemble real hair. The hair at the very front is slightly thinner and it       becomes thicker gradually towards the middle. This transition was designed to look realistic so that people wouldn’t notice if it wasn’t your real hair.

      4.     The hair density is 95%. Mirage is not for those who are looking for super thick hair. However, this factor is regarded as a benefit because 95% is just right and natural for many people. Oftentimes, wearing a hair system too thick in density is a dead giveaway. Here is one of our ambassadors wearing this Mirage toupee.

mirage toupee

Here are the cons of this mirage toupee:

  1.     It is super thin, so it is not as strong as some of our other hair systems that are made with mono. When you apply and remove the hair system, you need to handle it gently or you could tear the base.
  2.     Also because of Mirage being so thin, it can only last 2-3 months with the correct care and maintenance. So, it is not for those who are looking to only replace their hair system once or twice a year.

 lavivid mirage toupee

Here is another customer who wears LaVivid Mirage super thin skin hair system and he has been wearing this style since he tried the Mirage system for the first time two years ago. 

If you have any questions regarding men’s hair systems or you need help to choosing the right style, please feel free to contact [email protected] and we will be more than happy to help.