The Knowledge of Thin Skin Hair Systems

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Thin skin hair systems provide you with a cover on your head when you have thin skin. You may have thin skin caused by bruises or injuries or simply aging. This may have caused you to look different and you are getting concerned about your appearance. We all like to look good and a change in our appearance is likely to bring us concern.

The human skin becomes weaker as one grows older. Exposure to too much ultraviolet light, lifestyle or genetics may have caused your skin to become thin.

Thin skin requires special care and attention.

There is also a likelihood that it has caused you some level of hair loss. If you have hair, the effects of thin skin have made it difficult for your hair to grow normally. The fact that your hair is not growing may have caused you a few nightmares already.

At we offer you a wide range of thin skin hair systems that will work for you to bring back your good looks.

The systems we offer do not require surgery like the other hair system.

Also, they can be changed at any time and you will have the luxury of choosing the hair type you need. In case one is damaged you can always come back for a replacement.

Our Hair Systems

full skin base toupee

The Lace hair system- This is a very light toupee and appropriate for those with thin skin because it provides a good space for air to move through and the hair will always look fresh.

This system is best for humid conditions and if you are living in such an environment this is the weave for you.

Skin hair system- This hair system has a thin base of only 0.03mm and most of the people we have sold to complement it for being so natural that they sometimes forget that they are wearing it.

It can work well if you have thin skin because of its thin nature it will not put pressure on your skin. Customers using this toupee have identified that it gives them a longer lifespan and better durability.

Mono hair system- This toupee is made from mono-filament material which is stronger and more durable compared to laces and skin bases.

Its durability means you get value for money as the cost is almost the same as the other hair systems on offer. It will offer you relief in your pocket and give you the perfect look at the same time.

Silk Hair Systems- For this hair system, you can be guaranteed of the most natural look you can ever get from any toupee. We have invested in complex production technique that gives it that ability to look the most natural when put on.

Custom made Toupee

We offer custom services to clients with thin skin because we understand their needs. Normally, when you order a toupee, you will have to go to a local salon to get it installed on you. If you do not want to incur this expense, at only $ 40 we shall do it for you if you send us your picture and 3 photographs of your head. We shall then produce a toupee that fits your head to the exact details and you will wear it straight from your box.

If you do not have a local salon near you or you want to keep your privacy, we are more than happy to offer you this service. Go to and follow the process.

You Choice and Purchasing Guide

We provide you with the support and information that you need to make a decision on the best hairpiece to purchase. You might be overwhelmed when making these purchases when you visit our site but that should not worry you because our team will be on hand to support you. We respond to any query you send our way.

After making a decision on the toupee to change your look, the next stage is for you to provide us with your skin color so that we can choose the best tone of hairpiece that will match on your face. We have been in the industry for a long time and we know what color is best for which color tone. Once we get it, we shall ask you to make a choice before sending it over to you.


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