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People who know about hair systems must be familiar with micro-skin hair systems. Due to the increasing demand for hair systems by the public, companies are producing better and latest types of hair systems. 

Besides the quality of hair, the base of any hair system is of much importance. A good base skin should be undetectable, lightweight, and blend with the skin of the head perfectly. An undetectable base of the hair system doesn't put a customer in an awkward situation. People are preferring these types of base hair systems. In the market, there are many varieties of these types of hair systems. The micro skin hair system is one of the hair systems with a good and thin base. In this article, we'll try to discuss every aspect of micro-skin hair systems. 

mocro skin hair systems

What is a micro-skin hair system?

A hair system that has a very thin base is known as a micro-skin hair system. Micro skin hair system has a base thickness of 0.03-0.08mm. Micro-skin hair systems are very easy to wear and feel lightweight on the head. Most micro-skin hair systems easily blend with the skin and don't look fake. It looks like natural hair on the head. Due to its very less thickness, no one can notice that it is a hair system. That's why people are preferring these types of hair systems that are undetectable.

These hair systems look realistic and are long-lasting. One can easily wear them and remove them. It can easily be cleaned after removal. Because of less visibility or almost invisibility, it is undetectable. No one can easily notice that the person is wearing a hair system. That is the thing most demanded by the customers. That's why micro-skin hair systems are becoming popular day by day.

Qualities of micro-skin systems 

Micro-skin hair systems are one of the best hair systems. Following are some of the qualities of micro-skin hair systems.

1. Thin skin base: It is the main quality of micro-skin hair systems which makes it unique among other hair systems. The thinnest the base the more qualities it has. Most qualities depend on skin thickness. 

2. Transparent: Because of the very thin base, it appears transparent. One can easily see through the scalp and it appears like a natural scalp. It cannot be detected easily because of its transparency.

3. Lightweight: It is lightweight and feels that you have not worn anything on your head. It is also because of super thin skin. One can comfortably wear it without feeling heavy on the head. 

4. Breathable: The micro-skin hair systems are designed to let the scalp breathe easily. Thin skin makes it breathable in every condition. 

In the market, many brands are making micro-skin hair systems. Let’s have a look at one of the famous brands LaVivid hair

poly hair systems

LaVivid Hair

LaVivid Hair is a brand that manufactures high-quality hair systems for men who are facing hair loss and other hair problems. They are providing the best services to the customers. They are delivering premium quality hair systems. All the hair systems are made according to customers’ needs. LaVivid is also providing salon services to its customers. They have a huge variety of hair systems. They have a huge range of skin hair systems that have a micro-skin thickness of 0.03-0.08mm. Following are some of the hair systems that have a micro-skin thickness base: https://www.lavividhair.com/tag/poly-hair-system

1. LaVivid V-looped Mirage Toupee for Men: It has a super thin skin base with a thickness of 0.04-0.06mm. The Mirage hair toupee is one of the popular hair systems made by LaVivid hair. It is made of poly paper and appears transparent. Because of its thin skin base, it easily matches the skin of the scalp. It has a v-looped ventilation method that’s why no knots can be seen on the hair system. The Mirage hair toupee has a natural appearance of the hairline. It is made of Indian Remy human hair and can be styled freely. It can be the best option for men with hair loss issues. 

2. LaVivid Single-knotted Mirage Toupee for Men: It is another mirage toupee by LaVivid but it is single-knotted. It has a base thickness of 0.06-0.08mm that’s why it also falls in micro-skin hair systems. It is also made of Indian Remy human hair and has a slightly wavy appearance. It is more durable than full v-looped hair systems because of its single-knot presence. Its life span is of 3-4 months. 

3. Travis Dark Rooted Platinum-blonde Hair System: It is one of the micro skin hair systems by the LaVivid hair. It has a base design that is transparent and one can easily see through the scalp. Its base thickness is 0.04-0.06mm. Like other LaVivid’s c-through hair systems, it is also made of Indian Remy human hair. It has dark roots that lead to platinum-blonde hair color. It has a V-looped ventilation system so it has a natural hairline and knots are invisible. The dark roots of this hair system make it fashionable. It has slightly wavy hair and one can style it according to their choice. It has a lifespan of 2-3 months. 

4. Coeus Men's Hair Replacement Unit: It is made of a full thin skin base and has a base thickness of 0.08mm. Like other micro hair systems, it is also made of Indian Remy human hair. When one wears it, it feels like a second skin on the head. It has a secure fitting on the head. It has a slightly wavy appearance and one can style this hair system freely. It can be attached and removed easily. 


Like advancements in other things, hair systems are also upgrading day by day. Hair system-producing companies are trying hard to satisfy and please their customers. Most hair system brands are concerned with hair systems that are hard to detect and one can easily wear them without any worry. Micro skin hair systems are one of the hair systems that are popular in the market due to their advanced features.


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