Match Your Hair System to Your Lifestyle: Tips for Active Individuals

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Today, we’re going to be talking about Lifestyles and how your hair system can fit around your lifestyle. What kind of hair system might be appropriate for you based on your lifestyle?

Now, I get so many questions from guys who are gym-goers or who perspire a lot, maybe they work in a sort of labor-intensive industry, and they keep asking me, like, what is the best hair system for me given my lifestyle? So let’s look at that. And one thing which always crops up is they want to get as long a bond as possible because generally, the more you sweat, the less likely your bond is to hold for a longer period of time. The less you sweat, the more likely your bond is to hold for a longer period of time. So we need to look at this through that lens.

And what I will say is if you do sweat a lot, probably a lace base, if possible, a full lace base hair system. I’m talking a French lace or a Swiss lace would be best for you. Why is that? Well, number one, it’s a breathable base, it’s a breathable hair system. So if you perspire, it doesn’t get stuck under the base of the system. It actually is able to come out through the lace and just sort of go down the back or the side of your head. So lace, in that respect, is really good.

I do have a tip for poly, which I will share a little bit later, but I’m determined to focus on lace for the time being. Another bit about lace, which is super useful if you are quite an active person, is it does give a really realistic hairline appearance. So it’s very likely if you’re that kind of lifestyle where you’re pretty active, you’re going to be encountering people quite a lot. And it may be that you want your system to be as invisible as possible to the naked eye. And again, lace is really good for that.


So there you go, there’s two ticks for lace when it comes to having an active lifestyle. A second question I get or a follow-up question after that is should I use glue or tape with lace when I sweat a lot? I would say use tape. Why? Because glue can get a bit more gloopy, and the bond doesn’t hold as well as tape in general terms. Remember, every person is different, everyone has a different skin chemistry. But speaking from my experience and a lot of people I know’s experience who are active people, like way more active than me, they use tape rather at the front. They tend to use one that’s really popular at the moment, is lace front. It’s got a really good hold and it’s sweat-resistant. So yes, you can still sweat, but it doesn’t loosen the bond. If anything, it strengthens the bond.

So at the moment, I’m using lace front. Actually, no, I’m not. I’m wearing a poly at the moment. But on my lace bed, or actually it’s a silk base with a lace front, I use tape. So I use lace front tape by Sunshine. Walker tape do their own lace front as well. It’s brilliant; it’s invisible. Check out my previous few videos, and you will see me wearing the lace front, and you’ll see how invisible it is. So that is lace front tape; really important, and it holds really well.


The lace front is a fantastic tape, and it can last even after 2 weeks of wearing it, it still holds so well. So for me, if you’re asking my recommendation and you’re a sweaty dude, I’d say get yourself some lace front tape and do it around the perimeter, and if you can, as well in the middle.

Now, as promised, I’m going to briefly talk about poly with an active lifestyle because it can work, and I’ll tell you how. First off, I wouldn’t wear an ultra-thin skin because with ultra-thin skins, you pretty much have to use glue on it, and glue can get gloopy, and it can get loose if you sweat a lot. So I’m talking about a poly that’s anything denser than 0.08 mm or more. With those kinds of bases, you can use tape.

What I’ve tended to do is I’ve got ultra-hold strips, and I leave gaps in the system base, so I don’t actually connect the strips. I leave a gap between each, and that is where sweat can escape down the back of your head or down the side of your head. So it doesn’t get stuck under the hair system, and trust me, guys, before I used this trick or before I learned this trick by pure chance, it was smelly after 2 weeks of wearing a system, a poly, and I took it off, and there was a ton of sweat under there, and it stank. Not anymore with the right kind of poly base, so not an ultra-thin skin, thicker than that.


Get yourself some ultra-hold strips, put a space between each strip, and it will stop the hair system from collecting sweat under the base. Really good solution, guys. I can’t recommend it highly enough. Now, one system other than the ultra-thin skin that I wouldn’t recommend if you have an active lifestyle is a monofilament because, my days, does that thing get itchy if you are sweating, that thing becomes unbearable.

I really wouldn’t recommend it. If you want to go mono, it’s not for everyone, actually, it’s not for a lot of people, in my opinion. It’s a bit of a dated sort of hair system base, but some people love it. You can get a load of time out of it; you can get a year out of a monofilament, but it’s much more suited to people who have a much more sedentary lifestyle. And that actually works across the board. If you’ve got a more sedentary lifestyle, you can wear any system you want and expect to get a good bond.

So I suppose the preference, if your lifestyle is like that, is if the preference is comfort, go for an ultra-thin skin. If the preference is realism, you know, go for a lace. If the priority is sort of breathability or realism, go for a lace. This is what I love about hair systems, guys, there are so many choices.

Yes, hair systems have shortfalls, everything does; hair transplants do, SMP does, but the great thing, and this is something that I love about hair systems, is you can pick and choose. You can choose from a multitude of bases, a multitude of densities, a multitude of different hair colors, and you can literally tailor a hair system based on what your personal preferences are: comfort, breathability, realism, duration, durability, you know, you’ve got all of these options at the click of a button.

So don’t on it, guys, that’s all that I can say. Now, one little bonus lifestyle, which is actually very important, and I’ve left this right to the end to reward people who’ve stuck through to the end of this video, and that’s if you’re a swimmer or if you go swimming. Now, personally, I wouldn’t recommend wearing your hair system without a swimming cap if you’re going into a swimming pool that’s got chlorine in it because it will bleach the system over time.

It will oxidize it; it will become so dry. So please do wear a swimming cap. If it’s in the sea, it doesn’t really matter. But what I would say is think about lace front tape, or even ultra-hold. Those two tapes are really good if you’re using your hair in water or if you’re swimming underwater. If you’re going diving or something like that, ultra-hold or lace front tape by Walker or lace front tape by Sunshine, both of those are really great tips.


What lifestyle do you guys live? Has this come into your thinking in terms of what hair system you go for? Let me know in the comments box below; let’s get a discussion started. And I’ll speak to you very soon, guys. Bye for now!


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