How to Choose The Steve Harvey Toupee?

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Want to change your look and appearance?

Well, getting yourself the Steve Harvey Toupee will just do it. This look will impress everyone you come across and it will enhance your appeal and presence completely.

When you put on this toupee, you will not only look different but you will appear rejuvenated, energetic and even younger. People will even have a problem differentiating your natural look and your new look because of how handsome you will appear.

Why use toupee?

Baldness occurs in men from the age of 35 and can be caused by genetics, stress, and aging. Male pattern baldness is normal. Additionally, while you may not have experienced baldness yet, you may have had a disease or injury that has inhibited hair growth.
Are you looking for an immediate, risk-free solution to your hair loss problem? If you are bald or have just recently experienced hair loss, you can choose toupee, which can be a great option for you. You can change your look whenever you want.

Getting it Done

We all want to have a handsome appearance. However, when we are faced with hair loss problems, we inevitably feel nervous and frustrated. There is no need to worry! Wearing a toupee will give you back your confidence and make you feel young again. At LaVividHair, we offer the best non-surgical men's wigs that will allow you to discover a new world. With our skin, lace, monofilament and silk hair systems, you can choose from a wide variety of wig types, all of which will fulfill the need for that perfect look you've always craved.

If you are still struggling to pick a Steve Harvey toupee, then read below.



It's not just a hair system, it's a breakthrough hair enhancer that redefines the essence of realism. The ultra-thin 0.06-0.08mm full epidermal base and seamless, natural-looking hairline make it stand out from the crowd of hair systems. 105% medium to light density not only enhances volume, but also ensures a longer-lasting experience, finding the optimal balance between true realism and cutting-edge style. With a single section split design for added security and durability, maintaining a 3-4 month life cycle is no problem.


Enhance style and self-confidence - Coeus Men's Hair Replacement Unit

Coeus utilizes a full-thin skin base designed for secure fit and ease of use, and premium ethnically sourced Indian hair to ensure a luxurious, smooth, tangle-free experience. There are a variety of ways to apply, either with tape or glue. Choose the fastest, most harmless solution to hair loss - choose Coeus and redefine your look with ease!


Simois Hair System for Men | Full Lace in Center with 1'' Thin Skin Around and 1/2'' Lace in the Front | Hollywood Style

All-around perfect partner - Simois Hair System for Men

Simois center lace base provides breathability and softness. Thin polyurethane around the perimeter allows for easy installation and removal, while the lace front provides a natural-looking hairline. The 1-inch wide Poly around the perimeter of the base provides you with cutting freedom and the convenience of getting a better fit. Free styling empowerment, with the help of your hairstylist, you can make almost any hairstyle you want. With a variety of colors to choose from and styles to show off, Simois really does have it all.


In addition, we also offer customized products that can be made to your specifications after you send us your measurements. You can place a custom order at For only $40, you can wear a wig that perfectly matches your head shape because we've already done the fitting for you. All we need is a photo of your hair loss area showing the front, back, and sides, and then we'll create a hair template for you right away.

When you order any product from us, we make sure that it is delivered on time. We can ship to anywhere in the world. You will receive your package within two weeks under normal circumstances, and if there are any special circumstances, we guarantee that we will do our best to help you out. However, we do not charge any fees within the United States. This is our concern to rekindle your confidence.

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Making a change to your toupee

We ensure that the product you choose from us meets all your needs. We are very interested in forging a relationship with you and that is why we go the extra mile of serving you better.

When you make an order, we advise you on the best base that fits your head posture. We have a lace base(it is light and delicate), skin base(where the hair is injected or knotted to the base), mono-filament base(it is thicker and bigger than skin and lace base) and finally skill top base(creates the most natural hairline). These specifications can be found on our order guide If you are not able to choose what you want, our support team will be more than happy to offer you support in this area.

When you purchase a toupee with us, we shall be on hand to assist you whenever you need to change your look to something else. As mentioned above, most people like to change their appearances every so often. Also, you will need to change it when the current one gets damaged. We offer support when you want to make decisions.


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