Men’s Pre-styling Hair Service

Cannot find a nearby salon to get your hair system installed? Or you just want to avoid the installation expense from the salon? Choose LaVivid Pre-styled service for only $40 and you can wear the hair system directly out of box after receiving it.

To do this, we need you to provide us your hair system template or the size of your hair loss area, at least 3 pictures of your current hair taken from the front, sides and the back, and the hairstyles that you are looking for or you can select a hairstyle from below.

How to send in my pre-cut requirements

How to send in my pre-cut requirements

With our Pre-Style service purchased, you will need to fill out the “PRE-CUT FORM” after the order is placed. The “PRE-CUT FORM” link appears at the last step of the ordering process and follows the hair system you ordered.

Or, you can send all the requirements for the pre-cut to, and our hairstylists will process the pre-cut service accordingly.

Our pre-cut service includes two steps, which are the Base Pre-cut and the Hair Pre-cut. You can choose to have either one of them or both depending on your specific needs.


For the Hair Pre-cut, you can send us a few pictures to show the hairstyle you want, or you can select an example from our haircut library.

Pre-cut with Measurements

When you send us the measurements, please firstly make sure the way you measure the size is correct.
Please check the below video to see the correct way to measure the size of your old hair system.

How to send in my pre-cut requirements
Here is how you measure your head for the size:
Determine where your front hairline begins:

Usually it is four fingers width away from your eyebrow. Or there isanother way to confirm. Raise your eyebrow as high as you can andthen run your finger up your forehead to find the joint point of thesoft tissue and hard tissue. Make a mark and that is the point whereyour hairline should start.

a: Front to Back

Measure from front hairine to where your har loss stops at theback of your head.

b: Width

Measure the widest area of your har loss area from one side tothe other.

Pre-cut with template or old hair system

You can also choose to send in your template or old hair system. We have two locations to handle this; one is our California office, and the other is our factory side in Asia.

If you choose to send it to our California office, we will still need to send it to our factory side for the subsequent steps. It will take around four to five weeks to arrive because we need to accumulate a few templates and send them all together to save freight costs. This option is for people who live in the US and don’t need a hair system on a rush basis.

If you are located outside of the US, you can purchase the “Hair Template Pick-up service’” noted below, and your template will be sent to our factory location directly. It normally takes around one to two weeks to arrive.

*Please also kindly note that if you choose our hair system cut-in service, the hair system is no longer valid for a return.

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