How to Choose the Right Hair Patch

March 02, 2023 Men's Hair Loss Views: 68

Many people around the world struggle with hair loss. But regardless of the country, the problem is more common among men. Even more than half of men - 75% - experience baldness or thinning hair.

men hair loss

If you are facing the same problem, you should try the hair patch. This is a piece that covers only  a small part of your head, especially for men who have a receding hairline or baldness spot, but still have thick hair on the rest of the head.


How can I choose a right hair patch? If I am a first time user, how can I get the thing I need? There are several shapes of hair patch as options.

receding hairline

crown hair loss

male pattern baldness

First, you need to know which kind of hair loss you are suffering. If the shape of your baldness area is not that regular, don’t worry, please make a template and send it to us. Then, if you are not sure about the price, please feel free to reach out. The price depends on base material, base size, hair length, hair density, and so on. Normally speaking a small hair patch costs $30-$100. And then, you can measure your base size according to the pics above--the width and the length. Next you can give these info to our experts, some pics of your baldness area would be helpful. Our experts will give you some advise and guidance, and provide you a quote and production time accordingly. Please feel free to contact our experts at



If you want to start with a stock hair patch, please check this link for more info. You can find the specs down below the page.


With regard to the hair color, there are 2 ways to get the color match.


1. You can purchase our color ring for a better color match, it is refundable. Here is the link:


2. Please send it to the address below, just kindly notes that our CA office will send your sample to our factory side to check everything. So this process might take a bit more time, around 3 weeks or more. I will contact you once receive it.

LaVivid Hair, 18305 E Valley Blvd., STE C, La Puente, California 91744

(Please make sure STE C should be capitalized)

*Please enclose a note with your name, email address and phone number on it.


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