How to Care and Maintain Your Men’s Hair Replacement System

November 20, 2019
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The correct care and maintenance for a men’s hair replacement system will effectively extend its lifespan. So how should we correctly care for and maintain a men’s hair system? Read on to find out.

Prevent Oxidation

Prevent Oxidation

In a good sunny day or during summer, you may start to spend more time outside. Inevitably you will be exposed to the sun and harmful UV rays which can turn your hair system orange or red in color. This process is called Oxidation. Oxidation is a normal process which affects the hair color if oxygen is available, and the molecules are exposed to UV light. This happens with both human hair and synthetic fiber. Although it is a gradual process, you might notice the color change after one month of sun exposure.

So, how do you prevent this? Firstly, when you spend time outdoors or exercising, remember wear a hat or use a UV protector, to protect your hair system.

Clean Your Hair System

wash your hair system

After a few days’ of wearing the hair system, it might have built up ashes, sweat, bacteria or adhesive residue and this could cause damage to the hair. The hair is knotted onto the cap base and it becomes weak or more likely to shed if the buildup keeps accumulating.

However, too frequently washing your hair system can weaken it as it is manmade. For a daily wearing of the hair system, it is recommended to wash it once or twice a week.

You can wash the hair system while you are taking a shower. Just be gentle while you are washing the hair system. While you shampoo the hair system, instead of rubbing it like what you do with your own hair, pat it gently working it into your scalp. Rinse your hair in the same direction gently and this can effectively prevent tangles, breakage, etc.

For the conditioner, it is recommended to use a leave-in conditioner everyday instead of rinsing conditioners to keep the hair soft and tangle-free. 

Use a towel to gently dry your hair, and try not to use a hair dryer, because it will damage your hair and make it dry. Just let it dry naturally.

Avoid Friction

silk pillowcase

Sebum is the oil produced by the follicles of growing hair and it provides a natural conditioning to the hair to nourish and replenish it. Whereas for the hair system, there is no natural source of sebum from the scalp, and the hair will be more vulnerable to dryness and friction.

So how can you avoid friction? Switch your pillowcase to satin or silk which will greatly reduce the friction on your hair system and held to keep it soft. Also avoid excess brushing and combing your hair system which can also create friction. Appling a leave-in conditioner daily will protect the hair, make it soft and reduce friction as well as extending the lifespan of your hair system.

Tips to Care and Maintain Your Hair Replacement System

  1.     Don’t over shampoo
  2.     Don’t blow-dry your hair
  3.     Use a towel to absorb water and let your hair air dry
  4.     Use hair products that contain sunscreen
  5.     Use a wide-tooth comb to comb the hair
  6.     Comb the hair in the same direction
  7.     Avoid using hair products that contain alcohol
  8.     Use a leave-in conditioner

lavivid men's hair system

The above is what lavivid hair summarizes for you about how to care and maintain your hair system.

With correct caring and maintenance of your hair system, it can look always perfect like this. If you need any more assistance regarding how to maintain your hair system, please feel free to contact us through [email protected] and our experts are more than happy to help you out.