How to Buy A Custom Made Hair System Toupee

January 16, 2020
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Here at LaVivid, we provide custom made hair systems to meet the needs of each individual customer, as well as our hair systems in stock.

You can design your own base construction, hair density, hair color, gray hair percentage, hair length, and more. We can make it happen, no matter what needs you have in mind for your dream hair system.  

For salons, we have all the necessary tools that you need to place a custom order for your clients.

Color Swatch – you can match your client’s hair color against our color swatch to decide on a custom color, or, you can send a hair sample of your client’s hair and we can make them their exact color.

toupee color ring

Base Material Chart                                               

From this base material chart, you can feel the different base materials and pick one that you really like.

You also can combine different materials together to achieve the best look and feel for you.

base material chart

Base Construction Charts

In this chart, you can find replicas of our popular base constructions and how different base materials are combined. You can refer to these samples to choose a base design or you can design your own!

base construction chart

Wave & Curl Charts  - Whether you’re looking for straight, wavy, curly or afro texture hair, we’ve got you covered. Simply compare your or your client’s hair to this Wave and Curl Chart to see which texture is needed for the hair system.

wave chart   

Hair Density Chart – You can get a visual idea of how thick each density of hair is with this Hair Density Chart. Use this chart to compare to your or your client’s hair to see which hair density will be needed for the hair system.

density chart

Below is one of the custom made hair systems we made for one of our influencers. See how complicated the hair template is? It combines lace and PU with each other, making it breathable and comfortable, and mixing different proportions of gray hair to be as natural as real human hair. We can make a system like this with no problem at all. 

custom made toupee

We made a custom piece for HairHeroN8, who is a hair system stylist and he really knows what he wants from a hair system. 

custom made hair system

Here is a detailed reviewing video of LaVivid custom made hair system. 

To place a custom order, simply send your specific request to [email protected] and we will provide a quote accordingly. Buying a new hair system can be an exciting experience, trying a new hair color could be too. Also with a beautiful hair system, you can achieve salon colors much easier, less costly, and without damage to your natural hair.