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February 25, 2020 Skin Hair Pieces 101 Views: 3227

If a regular hair system cannot meet your specific wishes, then a custom made hair replacement system might be the best choice for you. Here at LaVivid, we can customize any type of hair system you want regarding base construction, base size, hair color, hair type, hair wave or curl, hair length, density, and more.

A custom made hair system generally takes between six to eight weeks, so if you decide to get one, plan your time beforehand.

Below is a custom made hair system required by Nate in the right picture. It has Swiss transparent lace in the front and super thin PU material in the back. The hair color is 1B30 in the front gradually transitioning to 1B20 in the back. The hair density is 95% in the front and becomes gradually thicker to 100% in the back. This custom order has three white chunks of hair added to the front hairline to create a very fashionable and cool appearance.

custom made toupee

Nate also created a detailed review video about his custom piece from LaVivid. In the video, he demonstrates his hair piece in detail. Nate also shows how to apply tape to the front lace and glue on the head, as well as how to install the hair system and style the hair. You can learn everything you need to know from his video, it is very useful.

To order a custom hair system at LaVivid, all you need to do is send your requirements to and our experts will then contact you with some details and confirmation so a quote can be provided. Then if you are happy with the quote, we will send you the payment link and after the payment is received, we’ll put your custom hair system into the production process and keep you updated on the order status. If you have any other questions, please feel free to let us know at and we will reach out as soon as possible.

Right now ordering a custom made hair system is easier than before. You can visit our CUSTOM TOUPEE page ( and follow the instructions step by step and select the factors that you want to customize and submit your request after you filled in all the information. After you submit, our team will receive your request and provide a quote through email to you. If you are ok with the price and the production time, our team will create a payment link for you and after you pay for it, we will put your order in production. 

Here is a detailed demonstration about how to place a custom order. Click below link for details.

We make sure that by customizing the hair system, we will help you solve the problem of hair loss perfectly.


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