How Do We Make the Base for a Men’s Hair System?

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About 85% of men will have major hair thinning by the time they're 50, and even some guys start to lose theirs before they turn 21. To regain confidence, you may have tried tons of methods to get your hair back, taking medications, transplants, etc. but only found yourself hurt badly and wanting to give up. Actually, the easiest and most economical way to correct this is to wear a hair replacement system.

hair system before and after

Check out how many years younger a hair system can make you look!

You might be wondering how can it look so natural and how can’t people notice when someone is wearing one? The cap base plays a big role and how the cap base is made.

Full Skin Base

The reason why it is called a skin base is that a skin base resembles your own skin very much. A full skin base is made entirely of polyurethane or a “skin” material. It can blend in with your own skin seamlessly and provide the most natural front hairline and appearance. The only drawbacks of this kind base are that it is not so breathable. Here are some full skin bases available in and you can find their details below:

skin hair systems

How is this skin base made? Check this out!

(1)   Apply polyurethane onto the mold

apply poly

(2)   Put it into the special oven and let it dry

dry the base

(3)   Pull it off from model

pull off the base

Voila! A full skin base is done. Next step is to tie hair onto this base. This is the easiest type base to make. Most of the cap bases are combinations of different kinds of bases to satisfy people’s various needs. Although it seems simple, it still needs workers with at least five years of experience to make it.

Lace Base with Skin around Perimeter

This base is a combination of lace and poly skin which combines the advantages of lace and skin base. With lace base in the center of the cap, it gives you a soft, light and totally breathable feel. With polyskin around the perimeter, it is easier to apply and stays firmly on the head to guarantee that you can wear it during sleep, showering or when working out. Read on to find out how this kind of base is made.

(1)   Firstly, the lace is placed onto the mold and the circumference is secured using stapler.

apply lace

(2)  Then the tapes are applied onto the lace base to define the area to apply the polyurethane and apply it in the space between the two lines of tapes.

apply poly

(3)  Then it is put in an oven to dry the polyurethane. After 15 minutes, the base is finished, with lace in the center and poly skin around the perimeter.

get the base done

We have many other types of cap constructions for you to choose from, or the cap base can be customized to your personal preferences. For instance, you can combine lace with skin, mono with skin or silk top with PU, etc.

Well, after the base is done, how does hair sew into the base? Check below video for the whole process of how a hair system is made.

After watched the video, I believe you have basically understood how we made a hair system. This is just the production process of one of our products, we have more styles of products,like lace hair system and mono hair system. Want to see other content about men’s hair systems? Let us know through and our experts are more than happy to help you.

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