If Non Surgical Hair Replacement Have Work on Hair Loss?

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Does non surgical hair replacement work? People unfamiliar with the product may ask this question. If you cannot receive hair transplant surgery and have tried other methods but still cannot get your hair back. Hair replacement can be a preferable option. Today, we will introduce the product to you so that you can better understand the functions and effects of the product and better choose whether to buy it or not. 

Does non surgical hair replacement work? Before answering the question, we need to first figure what is non-surgical hair replacement and what are its pros and cons so that we can better judge whether its pros weight over its cons. 

The definition of a non-surgical hair replacement

The hair loss problem seems to be a trivial matter but can bring profound impacts on one's life. It will influence one’s confidence and cause anxiety. Apart from the negative impact on one’s spiritual condition, it may also affect one’s business life. To search for a solution can be urgent. When the surgical solution is not your choice, the non-surgical one can be the effective method. 

Before we take a look at the definition, it is better to know the causes of hair fall. Some hair loss problems result from irregular eating and ing habits. Particularly for young people, unhealthy living habits can lead to sudden hair loss, but they can regain their hair by correcting bad habits and eating a healthy diet. 

Some inherited and disease-caused hair loss problems are harder to cure. The lack of certain elements inside one's body system can also contribute to hair fall. Therefore, if you just have mild hair loss symptoms and can solve the problem by eating a particular food and living healthy, then it is not necessary to adopt the method of non-surgical hair replacement.


The non-surgical hair unit is generally made of real human hair, Indian Remy hair, giving a natural look. The hair base is attached to the scalp. There are many colors available. The base and hairpieces may be sewed or knotted together. The knots hide so well that other people will not spot that you are wearing a hair replacement. 

To match with the rest of hair, there are many styles of hair systems, some are straight and some are wavy. You will definitely find one that suits you. 

Does non surgical hair replacement work

This is the question that consumers are most concerned with. For most people, the hair toupees work well in giving their hair back. A quality toupee can make sure that the hairpieces are as natural as your real hair, so customers do not have to worry that other people may discover that they are wearing a wig. 

To make sure the product works well, the application is important. Improper application may make the hairpieces look unnatural. If you want to wear the hair replacement system yourself, you need to mark out the position on your head so that the system can be correctly applied to your head. 

The selection of adhesives also matters. I recommend beginners use tapes instead of liquid adhesives. Though tapes are not as strong as liquid adhesives, they are easier to use. Cut the tape into proper pieces and glue the pieces to the hair base. Then apply the hair unit to the position you mark out before. The whole process does not need much effort. The key lies in that you need to put the unit in right place. 

Besides the application, the maintenance of toupees is also significant. Only when you care for the hairpiece well, can it be kept in good shape. You do not need to wash the hair replacement every day. When you wash the product, use some protective hair conditioner and shampoo. The hair products containing alcoholic chemicals and sulfate are not recommended for they may damage the hair, leading to frizz. 

To sum up

We have introduced what is non-surgical hair replacement and its advantages. If you are bothered by the hair loss problem, do not hesitate to try this method. Here in Lavivid store, we provide you with quality products that you can choose and trust. We hope that your hair loss problem can be solved.


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