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Best Hairpiece for Men

Here at LaVivid, our company has its own factory which has more than 20 years experience in the hair industry. We are committed to delivering the best hair pieces for men who are experiencing hair loss. We provide premium quality products for competitive prices. Also we offer people with a variety of hair piece options in different bases including lace base, skin base, and mono/skin/lace combination base.

Lace base

Skin base

Mono/Skin/Lace Comination base

Glue for Men’s Hairpiece

At LaVivid, you can get hairpiece glues from brand Walker tape and Professional hair lab. Please kindly note that when you apply glue.

Tapes for Men's Hairpiece

Shampoo and Conditioners

Hair Restoration

Custom Hairpiece for youCustom Hairpiece for you

men hair system FAQs

The majority of men will experience varying degrees of hair loss or balding in their lifetime. Some guys even start to loose their hair in their 20s and 4 out of 5 men will have major hair loss in their 50s. Hair loss can cause a devastating damage to a man’s confidence. A hairpiece is a good option to cover hair loss and regain a good look.
Wearing a hairpiece is also the most economic, non-surgical, easy and safe choice to disguise baldness.

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  • EL eXistenceLies
    stars Apr 18, 2022

    I have the LaVivid Crius. Going on 5 months and barely any shedding. Color faded a bit, but will be using B2N to bring the color back. Wearing this unit don't expect to show the hairline. It's very thick (0.08mm) and needs to pretty much be covered by the hair. Other than that it has been a great first unit and my second unit I have is a Mirage. Not sure how much more I can get out of this Crius unit, but so far so good.

  • EL eXistenceLies
    stars Apr 13, 2022

    I have the Lavivid Crius (130% density) and its full lace with poly front/back. This is also my first unit. It's a thick base unit too coming in at 0.08mm which is over 2x the thickness of poly thin skin 0.03mm. It lasts a lot longer. I have a second unit from Lvivid too and it's the Mirage. I have yet to put in on as I am going on month 5 right now with my first unit and it's not wearing out as fast as I thought it would.

    You need to take into consideration what type of hairstyles you'll be wearing too. With my (Crius) you can't really show the hairline as it's very noticeable. So I wear m hair down and sometimes up, but with a slight down slop then back up. Kinda like a J. This covers the hairline while still having the up/pushed back hairstyle. If you are going to show your hairline a lot you need to stick with units in the 0.03mm to 0.05mm ranges. Lace hairlines will always look more natural than poly hairlines, imo. So keep that in mind too.

  • JW Jeffrey Wiley
    stars Feb 11, 2022

    Get the Lavivid Ares. Lace hairline looks more natural and with good bleached knots it looks like it’s coming out of ur scalp. Maintenance is very easy with tape on the poly back and sides. Breathability is way more with ares.

    If you exercise, it’s night and day with poly and lace. Lace feels like my real head of hair and sweats escapes, I can take showers with water hitting my head, and for me lace just lasts so much longer

  • LD liam-donoma
    stars Feb 10, 2022

    This unit is from LaVivid, and it's the "Prometheus" model, which is a silk base that has lace in the front and polyurethane around the perimeter. I really like this one, because the base makes it look like the hair is truly growing from your scalp! Can be a pain to clean, though, lol.

    It's 130% density, so very thick. I know this can contribute to it not looking particularly natural, but it also means I still have plenty of hair left after having it for one year!

    The only downside is that this system, stock, at least, only comes in two colors, both of which are dark. Not an issue for me, since my natural hair is dark, but can be a bummer for those with lighter hair, of course.

    This is my second piece from LaVivid, and I've been very happy with both! My first was a thin skin unit. Love it for ease of cleaning and (basically) undetectable base, but those definitely can't last too long, given the delicateness! I just recently received my third unit, which is (mainly) lace-based, and I'm excited to try it out. Going for a blonde look!

    If you have any more questions, feel free to ask!

    Edited to add that my very first system was a Hairskeen unit

  • EL eXistenceLies
    stars Apr 5, 2022

    I can't speak for other companies but I have 2 units from Lavivid. Currently wearing the Crius which is super dense 130%. I had to thin it out some, but I am going on 5 months and the system has barely any shedding what so ever. This thing will probably last another 4-5 months. I did just recolor it with Back2natural as it has faded and had a red tint to it. The Crius is also a thick base 0.08mm base. Def not one to show off your hairline, but you can style the hair to do a sweep down then up if that is your style. If you look at my post history I have a few pictures of the unit installed with 3 different styles.

    My second unit is a Mirage which is half the thickness of the Crius and only 95% dense. I have yet to wear this unit. Still in original packaging. You will always want to have a second unit on hands just in case something happens with your first one. This is a HUGE learning curve if you plan on doing this yourself. If you have the money to pay someone to do it every 2 weeks then go for it. My first cleaning took me like 4 hours lol. 4 months later I am down to 45 mins. Takes a lot of practice. Don't let that discourage you though.

    I also recommend to purchase a stock unit until you have worked out all the kinks with your new journey. I will eventually go custom, but for now I am still learning even barely half a year in.

  • RD RecommendationWild71
    stars May 13, 2022

    I am now wearing Lavivid mirage. 2 months old. Density etc make it look very very real. nice.