Does Erik Estrada Wear A Toupee?

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Hair loss is a problem everyone faces at any time in their entire life. Some experience it in their 30s-40s, and some in their 40s-50s, and only 10% of people in their 60s have problems with baldness and thinning hair.  They are the luckiest people who don't face hair problems and male pattern baldness in their earlier life and they enjoy their whole life with confidence.

There are many people who have hair fall and baldness as teenagers and younger, so there are many treatment options available for them. One of the most cost-effective, safest and quick transformations is a non-surgical hair replacement system that includes a wig, hair toupee, hoar pieces, hair patch, extensions etc. 

There are huge benefits of using a hair replacement system, and mostly the busy person is quick because there isn't much for daily maintenance, doctor appointments, and huge amounts for sessions. Some people also avoid taking lots of medication for hair loss, so the hair system or pieces is the best option for those. 

You can choose among the huge varieties in style, design, color and textures according to your needs and preferences. So, if any tv actors have hair-thinning problems, their fans become conscious of their lifestyle, like Erik Estrada, a famous television actor and a police officer with different hairstyles, and people want to know about their hairstyles and does Erik wear a wig or not. 

First of all, we start with who Erik Estrada is. 

Who is Erik Estrada?

The full name of Erik Estrada is "Henry Enrique Estrada." He was born on 16 march 1949  

in East Harlem, Manhattan, New York. He is a famous American actor and a police officer and played a role in the crime show Chips as Frank which got huge fame worldwide and ran from 1977 to 1983. He has three children, Carmen Moreno, a seamstress, and Renildo Estrada.

Personal Life 

In Nov 1979, Estrada was married to Joyce Miller. Unfortunately, they got divorced in 1980 and had no children. Erik was again married to Peggy Lynn Rowe; she is a famous songwriter, entertainment executive and producer. This marriage also did not last her lifetime. She divorced from 1985 until 1990. This couple had two sons from the second marriage, Anthony and Michael-paul. In 1977 Erick 3rd married Nanette Mirkovich. They have one daughter, Francesca Natalia. 


Erik got fame in the film industry 45 years ago through a Play, a California Highway Patrol officer. He got fame through the crime drama ``Chips as Frank " Punchinello" from 1977 -1983, and today, he's working in law enforcement in real life. 

At the age of 72, he continued acting but also took an interest in a new career as an actual police officer. He has done several reality TV shows and written a book about his life. He was also blessed with three children, as well. 

Estrada got its main success through Chips. Later he had a role on the U.S. soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful in the early '00s. He also worked as a background voice artist and voiced a character on the animated series Sealab 2021 from 2000-2005. Some of his many TV guest appearances include Teenage Witch, Sabrina, Popular, My Name Is Earl, the King Of The Hills and Liv and Maddie. 

Does Erik Estrada Wear A Toupee?

Yes, Erik Estrada wears a toupee. In the late 1970s, he shot to fame on the hit cop show Chips. After 30 years, he returned to the spotlight by wagging his wig. Erik does wear a toupee and has been known to wiggle it around on purpose.

In 2011 he was a famous television presenter at the Latin Grammy Award when asked by Erik about how he prepared for the ceremony.

In an interview, Ellen asked Erik about his hair. Erik Estrada joked that he'd changed his hair color and then fixed his hairpiece on camera, shocking the presenter.

Erik adjusts his hairpiece from side to side. Embarrassed for him, she gasps and says, "No, don't do that to your wig!" At that point, Erik laughed. Ha Ha and said ``I do it to scare the people." The Univision reporter gracefully wraps up the interview as if nothing happened.

Erik Estrada has awesome hair in early life, but after the 50s, everyone faces hair thinning and male pattern baldness problems like Erick Estrada has awesome hair showing up to an event with less than perfect hair. He doesn't wear a wig all day but to prepare himself for any tv role, and he used to wear a wig.

Over 62 years old Erik is an honest person and told the truth confidently in front of the camera about his hair loss — and his fake 'do doesn't look as weird as fellow baldie Jason Alexander's.


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