Does Chris Wallace Wear A Toupee?

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Men's pattern baldness is a common issue for men of all ages and eras. This kind of baldness is also named androgenic alopecia. According to a few studies, 50 person of the population above the age of 50 faces this male pattern of baldness. This baldness is a cause of genetic inheritance or other major contagious diseases like cancer, anabolic steroids, and thyroid conditions.

The baldness weakens the hair follicle. Unfortunately, there is no natural way to get those hairs back. On the other hand, the cosmetic and fashion industry has evolved. Moreover, they have found the perfect solution for male pattern baldness. The solution is a hair toupee. A high-quality hair toupee can last 6 to 10 months when cared for properly. 

Hair loss is natural and is out of human control. However, you can always rely on LaVivid hair to revive your confidence and overall outlook. Hair toupees like LaVivid hair are not just targeted at the bald men of the society. Individuals who want to try a different hairstyle without damaging the original hair can also try it.

Chris Wallace – The Major Career Hits

A well renowned American journalist “Chris Wallace.” A name that needs little to no introduction. He is well remembered due to his father, Mike Wallace, a journalist of 60 minutes. Chris is remembered for his tough and wide-ranging interviews. He has worked for CNN, ABC, CBS, FOX NEWS, and NBC. 

Due to his tough interviewing, people ranked him as the most trusted anchor in America. Chris even has a few achievement awards. The Harvard graduate started his career at The Boston Globe, where he was talked about as an "Aggressive yet ambitious reporter."

How He Looked When He Started His Career as a Journalist 

The above picture was from 1975 when he was a reporter at CBS-owned Chicago's station "WBBM-TV." The above picture tells that Chris Wallace has thick hair. People even remembered him as a mustachioed Chicago reporter. His hairstyle has not changed in years. He has a statement hairstyle of the side part. This hairstyle can be seen even in his recent April 2022 interviews.

His Hairstyle Now Days 

Chris's hairstyle is still the same. However, the fans can see a significant difference. Chris’s hairs were a hot topic when the historic summit was happening in Singapore. People were talking about how Chris’s hair was intact despite the wind. His hairs were blown back from his face.

It seemed as if the hairs would fly directly off his head in the Singaporean wind. The question that arises here is what kind of strong follicles does Chris have? When thinking about such luscious hairs, we often link it to the li vivid hair or any other kind of hair system. It is a matter of the fact that most celebrities and other famous TV people wear a hair toupee to look their best. However, does Chris Wallace wear a hair system?

Does Chris Wear A Hair Toupee Or Not?

The hair experts say that any hair that seems too thick, flawless, and all set all the time might be a hair toupee. To be honest, human hair cannot look flawless 24/7. However, the contradictory statement here says the exceptions do exist. Some research says that along with famous names like lo and behold, Jim parsons and Chris Wallace have the most full, delightful heads. We can even see his hair when he started his career to support this research. 

Looking at Chris’s late father, mike. We do not see any hair pattern baldness here too. That indicates no inherited hair loss issues run in Wallace's family. Mike even favored the hair toupee and laVivid hairs saying they are not even detectable. 

However, this picture from a recent show might give second thoughts. This picture seems like Christopher might have a laVivid hair or any other hair system. The reason is that the color of his lower head hairs and the top sections are not the same. 

Sources claim that Chris has naturally brown hair. However, in the above picture, the hairs seem significantly different. The pictures tell that the upper half of the head has different kinds of thick hair. 

The above photo is another indication that maybe Chris wears a toupee. Undoubtedly, Chris’s hair has been the most delightful hair in the industry. However, this photo indicates that maybe Chris was another victim of man-type baldness. The hairs on the top back of his head are a little more awkward than a normal-haired person.

The haircut is not flat. Moreover, the hair system does not cop up with his natural hairs. Moreover, his hair tended to be thicker at the bottom when he started his career. The top part had a significant amount of hair. However, they were a bit less compared to the lower half of the head. Presently, the situation seems the opposite.

What Kind Of Hair System Might Chris Have?

This mono hairstyle from LaVivid hairs seems quite resemble Chris's hair. The LaVivid’s hair systems and haircuts are customizable. This toupee even has the little side bald patch on the forehead, just like Chris’s hair. The mono hair system is undetectable. 

The best part about laVivid hair is that they are breathable. Hence, the wearer can wear them for a long period. The hair system comes with a stronghold toupee tape. This ensures that the hair toupee stays intact. This can be an explanation for the Singapore wind event as well.


The above discussion is just an assumption about his hair. It is still not concluded whether Chris wears a toupee or not. However, hairs are a significant part of the human body and must be adored like any other part. We are still unsure about the great secret of Chris’s hair. 

However, if you face a baldness issue or want to upgrade your hairstyle, laVivid hair is your go-to solution for luxurious hair. They have a collection of a wide range of hair toupees and hair systems for both genders. You can easily choose yours today!


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