Do You Want to Get a Brown Copper Hair System?

October 21, 2020

Not many people were born with this copper brown hair color but it is a super gorgeous hair color for men. We make this color for people who have hair loss problems and still want to look good with fantastic hair. With this hair unit, not only you can cover the hair loss area, but also you can have a super fashionable and sexy hair color and style. 

This is LaVivid Cronus European hair system. Cronus is a very special one among LaVivid skin hair systems because it uses the Lift Injection technique with European hair. Cronus is crafted from Poly Skin. The hair movement is very natural and it moves just like your own hair would. The hair used on this piece is pure unprocessed European hair.

It is highly recommended for people who have European hair of their own or fine textured hair to choose our European hair system.

Hair Material

Compared to Indian human hair and Asian hair, European hair is much more soft and sleek. On the toupee market, European hair is the best material available, thus more expensive than other hair materials. 

Hair System Base

Cronus has a full poly base and the poly thickness is around 0.1mm. It is not a thin poly but very durable. It can last around 6-9 months if you take good care of it. The below picture shows how the base looks like:

Hair Injection Technique

The hair is injected through the base and there are no knots at all. This technique resembles people’s real hair growth, so the hair has a natural flow. Please check the below video for how this lift injection technique works.

Hair Color

The hair color is called 30R Copper Brown. The hair length is 9’’. You can wear it down and you also can wear it in a man bun.

Since the hair is 9’’ long, so if you wear it down, then no need to worry about the color being different than your bio hair because the hair system hair will cover your own hair completely. If you plan to wear it into a bun, then you need to consider the blending of your own hair and the hair system.

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