Eddie's Wig Transformation: Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Systems

July 28, 2023 Hair Replacement for Men Views: 478

Hey everyone, meet Eddie! He's here to share his experience with Lavivid non-surgical hair replacement systems through this quick video.

In the video, Eddie showcases a Mirage hair system, similar to the one he's wearing, but in platinum blonde. He humorously mentions feeling a bit like Drew Barrymore from the opening scene of "Scream," imagining what it would be like if she went wild with a curler.

One of Eddie's concerns is how well the blonde hair system will blend with his naturally dark eyebrows and hair. However, he recently learned about a technique called shadow rooting from his stylist. By providing some reference photos, his stylist can color the bottom part of the hair, creating a gradual brown-to-blonde transition, similar to Zack Morris' hairstyle.

Eddie mentions that he won't be removing the wig from the plastic head for this video to avoid tampering with its edges. He's curious to see how his natural hair will appear underneath the light-colored wig and how the shadow rooting technique will enhance the overall look. He promises to keep viewers updated on his experience and feelings throughout the process.

Overall, Eddie gives a thumbs up to this Mirage hair system. He appreciates its fin base, which provides excellent wearability, and the natural-looking hairline. He acknowledges that unless someone scrutinizes his hairline up close, they won't notice any difference. Eddie advises removing any stray hairs that might get caught between the system and the scalp during haircuts.

While Eddie initially prefers to let the cut settle and make adjustments the following day, he shares his personal tips for tweaking the frontal if needed. He suggests tweezing out straight hairs, applying product or thickening spray, blow-drying, and, if necessary, gently spraying alcohol to lift and readjust the wig with care.

In terms of the color, Eddie mentions that the system originally came in a very blonde shade. However, his talented colorist, Johnny, performed shadow rooting, creating a more blended and gradual transition from blonde to brown. Eddie acknowledges that as his sides grow out, he notices a slight break in the transition, but he believes that with blonde hair, people expect some level of coloring.

Eddie recounts sharing his wig secret with colleagues, who were amazed and couldn't believe it until he showed them some TikToks and even his emergency hair system under his desk. He believes the wig works remarkably well, even though the break is visible on the sides. Eddie admits that transitioning to blonde has been a bit challenging for him personally, as he's accustomed to dark brown hair and frequently wearing hats.

To wrap up the video, Eddie encourages viewers to leave comments with any questions they have, promising to respond as quickly as possible. He also invites them to DM him on Instagram @eddiegoing for further inquiries. Eddie signs off, wishing everyone a fantastic weekend.

Thanks for reading, and remember, don't be afraid to embrace a little change in your style!


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