Haircut Like Chris Hemsworth in The Movie Extraction

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Chris Hemsworth and his recent movie Extraction came out amazingly impressive. While a lot of people want to have the same haircut that Chris Hemsworth has in the movie. It is a super cool haircut.

So how to create a haircut just like that? Here is what a professional stylist says about how to get a haircut like this.

First you can start from the sides. I use the number one razor level and then I raised the lever to one and a half right into here. So it wasn't just a harsh line even though it does kind of appear that way in the film. I extended that all the way throughout the other side as you can see in through here and I want to keep in mind that the longer pieces in the front are really the highlight of the haircut.

The hair length in the back is probably about an inch and a half to two inches and I did go gradually going shorter to longer in throughout the front because again I wanted to make this hair in the front longer. I did that by over directing meaning every section as I got towards the front. I brought this slightly back so it fell forward we're having a little more length. Then on this side what I did is I created a haircut where it wasn't it's not a solid disconnection but it's slightly blended right into here. In a lot of the pictures and in the film itself, it looks like it's a disconnected part but it's literally just like this where it's all blended in here and then this is a bit disconnected rate in throughout the front.  

Well, this is how you can get a Chris Hemsworth haircut. However, if you have a hair loss problem and dont have enough hair yourself to make a haircut like this, what do you do?

No worries. You can have a haircut like that with a hair toupee. When we pick a toupee and have in mind the haircut we want to get. First, Chris Hemsworths hair is medium-light density, and in a dirty blonde hair color. Actually for the hair color, you need to pick a hair color that matches your own.

So If I want to achieve a haircut like that, which styles of toupees should I choose?

These 3 pieces are what we recommend to achieve a Chris Hemsworth haircut because they all have a medium-light density and just like Chriss hair density.

To pick one from these three that will fit you, then ask yourself a few questions. First, do you usually sweat a lot? Do you working out a lot? Do you have an oily scalp? If the answer is yes, then pick the one on the right because it is a swiss lace toupee and it is totally breathable. On the other hand, if you are a perfectionist and has high requirement on the front hairline and plan to expose your hairline, then choose the one on the left because it has the most transparent base and it offers the most natural front hairline. No matter which men's hair system you choose, they can help you get the same hairstyle as CHRIS HEMSWORTH and look very natural, like your own hair. Lavivid men's hair system provides them with inexpensive, non-surgical solutions. You can find the 3 pieces of hair systems from the following link:

If you need more guidance on selecting a hair system, feel free to contact us at and our experts will help you out. 


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