Hair System Color Chart

Here you will find all the colors for our stock hair systems. Our stock hair colors have two color series and they are Indian hair series and European hair series. Both color series include solid colors and blended gray colors.

How do we name the hair colors?

Generally speaking, the bigger the color code is, the lighter the color will be. E.g. #20 color is lighter than #18 color. #1 color is the darkest while #60 is the lightest.

For gray colors, the last two digits of the color code refer to how much percentage of gray hair is blended in. For example, in color #210, #2 represents darkest brown color, while #10 refers to 10% gray hair. In the same way, #220 refers to darkest brown color blended with 20% gray hair.

“R” in the color numbers means that the certain color is one shade lighter than the color in front of the ‘R’. For example, 4R means medium brown with one shade lighter.

Hair System Color Chart

Indian hair color

European hair color


How to get your hair color matched?

Color match through exchanging pictures

Color match through exchanging pictures

If you want to get a hair system pretty urgently, we can first try matching the hair color through exchanging pictures. Send us your hair pictures taken under natural light and we will send you our color pictures for you to confirm. Then we can pick out a color that we both think is close. So we can send the hair system out to you quickly. At the same time, you also can purchase our color ring. In case, the hair system you receive doesn’t match with your own hair color, you can use the color ring to get an exact match.

Color match through our color ring

Purchase one of our color rings below. These two color rings function the same. They have the same amount of colors. The only difference is that for each hair color, $55 color ring has one strand of hair while $119 color ring has 3 strands of hair. So you can get more reference with the $119 color ring and this is more for salons.

Color match by sending in your hair sample

Color match by sending in your hair sample

Also you can send in your hair sample for a color match. Please kindly note that to make sure the color matching is successful, please send as much hair sample as possible. Here is a picture to show how much sample is needed. The length of the hair sample needs to be at least 1.5’’.

You can purchase our shipping label service below and send the hair sample to us.

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