Hair System Starter Kit Package I| Realistic Looking C-through Skin Hair System Plus Tools

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Processing Time: 2 - 3 Business Days
COLOR: 1 - Jet Black

For beginners, it can be difficult to determine which products are essential for wearing and maintaining a hair system. A starter kit eliminates the guesswork by providing a comprehensive package that includes all the necessary products.


Our starter kit includes our best-selling hair system, the Louis C-through bio skin, along with additional items:

One pack of Ultra Hold Tape Mini's,

a No-shine 3 yard tape,

a glue brush,

a hair system holder,

a Bristles Comb,

a tape measure, and

a medical-grade white erasable pen for skin.


We understand that choosing the right hair color can be challenging, so we have included a color ring in the package. The color ring allows you to compare different shades and find a close match to your natural hair color. After the color matching, you can return the color ring and the cost will be credited towards your next order. Alternatively, if you don't require the color ring, you can select the "Without Color Ring" option.


With our starter kit, you can confidently begin your hair system journey knowing that you have all the essential products and the option to find the perfect hair color match. It takes the hassle out of choosing the right products and ensures you have everything you need for a successful and enjoyable hair system experience.


Base Design C-through Bio Skin
Base Size 8''x10''
Hair Length 6''
Hair Density 95%
Hair Type Indian Remy Human Hair - Hair cuticles aligned in one direction/Less Tangling
Curl & Wave Slight Wave - 30 mm Rod Size
Hair Style Free Hair Style
Replacement Period 3-4 Months
Advantages All-in-one kit; Best seller hair system with necessary tools; Good for starter; More cost-effective.

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1. Shave the top of head.


2. Trim the rest hair.


3. Clean the scalp.


4.Cut the base to matched size if necessary and apply the hair system.


5. Apply liquid adhesive on the front hairline.


6. Cut and styled.