The Influence of My Life Attitude to Hairpiece Bonding

September 25, 2020 Hair System Adhesives Views: 1312

How often does it happen that you are not satisfied with the bonding of your hair system? You find it hard to get an adhesive, which can create a strong bond helping you with staying carefree about your hairpiece bonding? Adding to that, fear is when you have an active lifestyle, and you sweat a lot, and it's no rocket science that sweat and glue don't go well together. At Lavivid Hair, we have taken this task upon ourselves to give you all the information on the tips, tricks, and products to use to get the best application of bonding hairpiece professionally, which can cope with your lifestyle without you having to be worried about it.

If we start the topic of an active lifestyle, we are worried about the most is sweat. Yes, we need to take it into account as well that you need to have an active lifestyle to sweat. It's a natural thing, and some people might sweat more than others. But at the bottom line remains the same that the fear of sweat should not stop you from anything. As the best and the most memorable things in life make us sweat, beach days with friends, your refreshing morning jogs, playing with your kids in the park, even our first dates. Thinking about these times makes us feel so unique, and in these times, we wouldn't want our insecurities linked with our Hair to take away even the tiniest bit of happiness from us. So how do you apply your hair system to have the most reliably strong bond? In this article, Lavivid Hair will guide you to have a successful adhesive application from pre-application to post-application.

To start with, a Clean Scalp is Mandatory.

You might be thinking this is something fundamental, and you will probably clean your scalp before applying a hairpiece, but the thing is cleaning your scalp requires more attention than people give it. Your hairpiece is on your scalp your so many days. The airflow towards your scalp is even restricted, so cleaning your scalp thoroughly and being gentle with it is much more important than we think—no leftover residue from your old application. If you have your tiny natural Hair on your scalp, the chances are that the glue residue will be on them. It can be a stubborn thing to get rid of, but using scalp cleaning solutions can ease the whole process for you.

Bonding hairpieces is not a challenging process but a technical one. Picking the adhesive is another thing you need to choose according to your lifestyle, scalp type, and how much you would want to take off your hair system. Reapplying and removal do not work with certain adhesives; some are made for shorter hold and some for longer depending on the gentlemen's preference who'd be wearing the hair system. As we are talking about bonding hairpieces to fight sweat, we will recommend you to use strong hold hair system adhesives, which you can easily find on the website of Lavivid Hair. But if you are someone who would want to remove and reapply it, our stronghold tape can give you a proper reliable bond and hold without you having to think about your activities ruining your hair system.

After cleaning your scalp and picking the adhesive you want, you would want to mark the places where you would like a stronger hold and emphasis on making those parts stick to your scalp very firmly. Applying a thick layer of adhesive will not help you keep the hair system in place; instead, it will make things tacky and messy. Knowing and eyeing the right amount of adhesive is the key. It should be enough to make your hair system stick perfectly without the glue going everywhere. After applying the hair system, you need to wait for the glue to dry. We recommend you make this application instead of a more relaxed environment so that your scalp stays all dry while the whole application process is done. After your hair system is dry and you have mastered bonding hairpieces successfully, you can get on with your active, healthy lifestyle with your Hair always being on point.

May it be working out, running, playing sports, cycling or even, trying to adapt one of the more active hobbies, we understand your concern, and we got your back. We have seen men wearing hairpieces having their hair systems accidentally removed in movies and series for so long that we have started believing it happens. These men who wear hairpieces have been the butt of the joke for quite some time now. We don't even mind the joke part as no one should take these jokes seriously, but for someone who is considering trying a hair, the system might be skeptical about it then. So have faith! This is not how the hair system bonding works. That never happens. Yes, there might be times when you will feel like your hairpiece's bond is not that strong, but you can eventually tell and be careful about your hair system until you get the time to make the application again. It’s that simple. Lavivid Hair encourages you to try out the hair systems for yourself without worrying about hairpieces' bonding. You will have it all under control, and you will love having your head full of hair back once again.  


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