Why You Have to Start Wearing Hair Systems

August 17, 2023 Hair System Ebook Views: 470

Hello everyone, my name is Luciano Moretti. I've been a lavivid hair system wearer for a long time. Now I'm wearing the system 'Coeus'. Today I'm here to share my complete experience with wearing hair systems. I've been using them for around three to four years. Recently, I revisited my older videos from La Vivid and started rewatching them. I found that I've undergone significant changes since then.

To those hesitant about trying hair systems, I encourage you not to be afraid. When I started, I didn't have the knowledge I do now, and learning is a gradual process. Wearing hair systems daily and changing them regularly is a learning experience. Looking at my past systems, I realized I made mistakes, like excessive brushing. Over time, I've learned how to care for them better.

Learning is essential, and trying new products and techniques is key. Some products I once used weren't as effective as current ones. As you gain experience, you'll find what works for you. For instance, I remember my initial system wasn't from La Vivid, and I brushed it excessively. Learning not to over-touch or over-wash was crucial.

It's important to note that you'll learn by doing, regardless of how many videos you watch. No one else can teach you as effectively as your own experiences will. Don't fear judgment from others; people are often curious and supportive. The perception of hair systems has evolved, so wear them confidently.

In my opinion, La Vivid has great products, not just due to sponsorship. I've had issues with hair from other companies falling out, while La Vivid's remains intact. When you receive a new system, you'll notice the quality of the hair is impressive.

Remember, you'll have to start somewhere and make mistakes along the way. Growth comes through trial and error. Don't worry about others' opinions; everyone learns differently. If you plan to wear a system, go for it! Embrace the journey and don't fear making mistakes.

I hope you enjoyed the video. Feel free to ask any questions in the comments. Thanks for your support, and I look forward to the next time we connect.


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